IFPM Recruitment/Relaxation Flight @ EHAM - 032200ZDEC16

Server: Expert

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM

Time: 2200Z

Aircraft: A318 Livery ACJ Livery 4

NOTAM: What’s up guys it’s your long lost IFPM CEO 508. I’d just like to share how I’ve missed representing the media company IFPM. With the Olympics going on I had originally decided to restrain and effectively keep IFPM activities to Olympic ONLY. However I am opening us back up wide. Please consider joining us on this expert Region flight as we just enjoy the relaxing sensations that can be brought on by a flight after a stressful day.

http://picturesmedia.weebly.com/ (Our website link if you’d like to apply)

We will be doing an upcoming series of events as shown in the reviews below. This event is purely for getting to fly with CEO executives, photographers, beta testers, and other staff here at IFPM.

A pictures worth a thousand words

Gate B13: @Infinite.flight
Gate B15: LiamKirky
Gate B16: @Kevinlu11
More gates to come

Future Events:

  1. Minesweeper Mayhem
  2. Airbus AirShow
  3. Boeing AirShow
  4. Behemoth Cruise
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Sign up now on our website link provided. Also scroll down and make sure you see our future events. I think it might be something worth watching.

Sign me up! And I’ll promise to behave

Haha no worries bud welcome aboard.

Sign me up message me with info and airport …

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Welcome aboard @Badman I’ll private message you when I get the chance.

Thank u and let me know what airplane u want us to use . I am still trying to get use to this replying to messages lol. It’s my first time.

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Hey no worries man I’m extremely glad to welcome you aboard. Any aircraft in the Airbus family smaller then the A321 or the 757 and smaller.

Sorry I didn’t come to your event. I was shopping

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Yay! My picture. I would join but still not Grade 3…

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