IFPM presents Olympic Interviews

Attention Olympians,

Here at Infinite Flight Pictures Media we have decided to make it our mission to provide a realistic and interesting experience for everyone. By doing this we have decided to run a series of interviews with everyone and anyone who is competing in the olympics and want to give their team some publicity. You will be interviews by yours truly on a predefined date. These interviews will be conducted over Discourd and bear in mind anything said can will be used in the Infinte flight community. But don’t let that stop you. This will make the olympics fun and better for the entire community even those not lucky enough to take compete in these wonderful events.

For now that’s all!
PM me or @SkyHighGuys for details
Good luck to all from Infinite Flight Media

credit to @Liftoff


If you want to join please pm @Captain_Rojas and check this thread for open positions

Please stop messaging me asking to get in

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Now that the whole podcast situation is finished anyone is welcome to come for a quick recap of the week

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