IFPM Olympic Tracking Thread

What’s up guys!! It’s your host and CEO 508 bringing you a new look into the 2016 Annual Infinite Flight Olympics. Coverage begins day one with photo and videos. This thread will be updated after every single event.
@IceBlue has kindly allowed some of my photographers and youtubers to be active in the restricted airspace provided by FDS. You will be able to recognize an IFPM pilot by the following:


  1. A generic Cessna 170 (for photographers and youtubers)
  2. A Corporate A318 if high ranking IFPM leaders are in attendance
  3. Callsigns for staff will be “PMO” followed by their job. For photographers it will be the following: “PMOPH” for youtubers it will be: "“PMOYB”
  4. Coroporate staff will have the callsign “IFPM” plain and simple

If you are being allowed into the restricted TFR, please observe proper ettiqute. Do not attempt to gain attention of a youtuber or photographer. They are there to gain coverage of the events for folks not allowed access. Any hampering of our efforts will result in a direct complaint to IFO staff. That being said, if you have a complaint about the way one of our pilots is acting, please private message myself or @captain_rojas. Do not attempt to contact IFO leader board as they have more important things to deal with

That being said I am so happy and excited to introduce you into the Olympic Coverage!! You can reach the following staff at any time and we will be overjoyed to answer any questions.


http://picturesmedia.weebly.com/ this is our website probably known to everyone by now haha. But you can access it in my profile. A little update, IFPM will be adjusting our website to prepare. I believe a new, exciting trailer is in the works and a revision of some of our website channels. So keep an eye on that as well.

Recruitment Closed:
Recruitment will be officially closed by the 1st of November. This will give my staff 5 days to prepare new recruits and organize such.
As a result of closed recruitment, we will be putting a stop to our weekly events until after the Olympics have been completed sometime by end of December.

Like I said, I will be continually updating this on a regular daily basis so don’t just look at it once and figure it won’t be changed for a millennia so you don’t need to worry 😉 this thread is going it be growing with each advancement into the Olympics.

What you can expect in the comment section:
The comment section will play host to, as stated earlier, released photos, videos, and livestream links. Bookmark this thread as it will be your main source of information (second only to the IFO pagesJ



Cessna 170? Or 172?

I apologize I meant 172

Hey guys it’s IFPM CEO and host to this years Media Olympic Coverage bringing you in with some updates for all concerned! The majority of this post will be giving you some background info on our staff here at IFPM.

Infinite Flight Pictures Media is proud to be the sole media outlet for this years 2016 National Olympics.
This year, we have been graciously assigned all R (no not the movie rating lol) gates at the EHAM in Amsterdam, server host to our Olympic Games this year.
As a courtesy to your friendly media outlet, please take careful observations to refrain from using any of these gates unless you are a strictly an IFPM staff, provider, official supporter, or Corporate Leader. All rights for IFPM remain in place.
If in doubt please contact myself or my Co-Host @captain_rojas. The following list will be the IFPM staff assigned to their gates.


Gate R72: @Infinite.flight
Gate R74: @Cessna_Driver
Gate R77: @Captain_Rojas
Gate R80: @Zachary_Meir_Tish
Gate R81: @a380fan
Gate R82: @hmkane
Gate R83:
Gate R84: @Boeing_777
Gate R85:
Gate R86:
Gate R87:

A smaller update to all concerned is as follows: Olny corporate staff will be following the procession. The majority will appear only at the beginning and end, with some halfway. This is because most will be in attendance in cessnas instead of the A318 as our corporate staff will.
Our youtuber will be flying with the procession and don’t quote me on this, but we should get a livestream if possible. That’s still in the works.


Once again and hopefully for the last time please do not include me in your team for the Olympics as I am judging thus meaning I am flying seperately

Roger that I must have misplaced that information.

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No problem hope to see some great pictures after each event :)

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Sounds good but I thought that it was only jets allowed at the event, so no-one will be in a cessna.

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Correct cessnas are only appearing at the beginning and end of event not for the actual event.
One or two photographers will accompany the corporate head staff to take photos of the flight.

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when is the opening ceremony?

Saturday 5th, however it is only open to Grade 3+ and those allowed in

I thought it’t the 6th. By the way WOW! this is ABSOUTLY SHOCKING. OLYIMPIC GAMES ON A FLIGHT SIMULATOR? I literally can’t find a second one.


It was the sixth but the president of the IFO committee could not make it on Sunday so Saturday was deemed the best

Is it possible for IFN members to have access aswell as we are a partner.

Please do not go off topic here

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You are not an official partner for IFPM. Take it up with IFO committee presiding @IceBlue

I’m sorry …

I have access via IFPM. I can take some for IFN.


Just make sure you give proper credit where credit is due

We will be giving credit to all photos. We will also be posting all points after each event.

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