IFPM Launching Ceremony [CLOSED]

Infinite Flight Pictures Media is proud to introduce the 2016 Opening Ceremony Flight!
If you haven’t already checked our website and dropped a comment giving us feedback, go ahead and stop right now and go do that in the “Website Launch” thread posted.
We are excited to pave the way for a company with a great future!

Server: Expert Server

Region: New York

Departure Airport: KJFK

Arriving Airport: KLGA

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: IFPM is kicking open its doors, officially, by having a Celebration flight! Follow the flight plan shown below. We will be taking off from JFK and making an octagon around, returning to La Guardia. I hope many prominent members make the appearance.
Also please supply your callsign when reserving a gate!

GATES Terminal Five:
Gate 01: Lin_Yifan (JetBlue 81)
Gate02: AdamCallow (Air Force 2016)
Gate 03: _Infinite.Fligh_t (American 508)
Gate 04: @Cessna_Driver (RED22 Heavy)
Gate 05: @jompa (Korean Air 4362)
Gate 06: Eric_Jordy (QFA0230)
Gate 07: a380fan (Redwood 339)
Gate 08: @PlanesForLife (N811JB)
Gate 09: @Zachary_Meir_Tish (N1YZ)
Gate 10: @Wren_Jago (WTJ009 Super)
Gate 11: @Mix56awesome
G ate 12:
Gate 13:

You can always check out our website!


Please make sure your title is in the correct format when posting in the #live:events category.


Thank you for the help :) it is much appreciated

No problem!

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I can control LGA if you want

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Any ATC help will be greatly appreciated :)

Do you mean “Expert Server”? ;)


On the website :). Check it out here…

Gate assignments are now up. Please comment below if you would like to reserve YOUR gate :)

Reserve a gate for me please.

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I would love to :) welcome to the launching flight. Make sure you double check the details above.
Do you have a callsign you use? @Lin_Yifan

Nice website by the way. What aircraft should we spawn in? On the other hand, it would be useful that you point out more flight details.


Aircraft is up to you! Preferably not something to giant.
And thank you. PLEASE head over ot our official website launch thread page and consider dropping that positive feedback in the comments ;) it would be greatly appreciated.

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Gate 4 please. Representing Qantas Virtual - Callsign QFA0230

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Any gate and I will be Air Force 2016 in a b737-700 bbj

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Keep coming guys!! I have put you in your gates please check to see which is which

Can I have a gate for a Virgin America A319 please?

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It has been done for you :) what callsign?

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Redwood 339
Thank you 😊

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Not s problem you are sealed to go :)

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