IFPM Good Quality Youtuber needed

Hey guys it’s IFPM Host 508 back with a query. Our current youtuber is having some technical issues. The main Olympic Flight of the Nations is less then 24 hours away.

Must have good editing software
Must be Grade 3+

If someone who has really good recording software would like to join last minute and become THE IFPM youtuber to livestream events or take videos of events, please contact me within the next 12 hours. This is crucial in some aspects. Alternative would be only photos and that would not be as exciting. So if you know someonone or you yourself could do it…please please comment below and/or private message me.
Again the deadline for this offer is 12 hours from the point of publication…starting now…


I could pm you some suitors.

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Does Microsoft Movie maker count as good video editing.

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I use Vegas and other programs for editing and recording, but unfortunately I’m not grade 3 sorry.

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does that work?

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Personally I have absolutely zero expierence with good software lol. Shoot me an example of a video you’ve taken and I’ll pick the best quality. @Bluepanda900 @Ben_Schenk @Jeffrey1o2 @Bulba

Please do man

I have a fairly big and ever growing channel. Check it out and see what you think ;)

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I have sample videos on my youtube. Can you check those?

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT5JWbgo3-IlcFmrfXWT6VA


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