IFPM Denver Fighter Dash @ KRIL - [CLOSED]

Server: Casual

Region: Denver, Colorado, Mountainous Terrain

Depart to Arrive Airpot: KRIL - KCOS

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: This is your CEO if Infinite Flight Pictures Media bringing you our third official event! Before I continue and map out exactly what this thriller of an event is going to end up being…let me reassure you it is planned out and has been tested for flaws. I have gotten feedback recently that my event ideas are exceptional just poorly executed. So without further ado, and with the hard work of my beta testing squad, I can release this one-of-a-kind event!

Come in any fighter jet of your choice, spawning at Denver’s mountainous airport KRIL. Since it is on casual, don’t worry about proper etiquette. If there are to many fighter jets just sit in each other lol…maybe you can scream across cockpits and share a 🍻.
The major restriction, essential to this event, is that once you are airborne you MAY ABSOLUTELY NOT fly over 500 feet AGL. Some may be looking at me like “hey you crazy the Concorde really is coming out”…okay that’s off topic lol but you get the drift. The reasoning behind this will be explained below.

Flying above the airport at 10,000 feet will be an Airbus 318 with the callsign “American 508”. This aircraft will have your flightplan as shown below…
Once you have copied this flight plan and are in the air, you may not click in that aircraft again as it will have a new flightplan.

Once youhave copied your flightplan and hear the words
“Takeoff at Ruwnay 08” you are cleared to takeoff in any way you desire.
Once you takeoff you MUST follow the flightplan to its end. Once you fly past that final line, delete it

After your flight plan has been deleted or ignored, it is up to you to fly through the beautiful mountains and valleys, taking care NOT to pass the 500 feet AGL restriction as mentioned before. This way you have to fly and find out how to maneuver through the mountains in what my beta testing team has described as “dangerous, challenging, difficult” path. If you climb above 500 feet AGL for more then five seconds you will be disqualified from the race.
If you happen to, sadly enough, crash into a mountain, you have one free life. Meaning you may respawn at the nearest airport and takeoff again. Staff here at IFPM will be taking note of each aircraft and if you crash a second time and respawn and continue the event you will not be entered to win first place. One crash, one spawn, one chance. Any questions comment below.

The first person to have his wheels touch down on the RUNWAY not the airport or grass but any runway, and comes to a controllable glide (this done to keep people from just nose diving in at incredible speeds and crashing, claiming they touched down first).
Our fabulous staff will be waiting for you at KCOS and will be watching to see who lands first.

Any further questions comment below. I hope we get enough pilots to make this one hectic, maze like, crazy, incredible event! Check out our website for other fascinating tidbits and jargo :) http://picturesmedia.weebly.com/




if we have any daring fighter pilots who feel they will be able to manage this obstacle course of sure death…comment below. Your name will be added under FIGHTER PILOTS

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September doesn’t have 31 days.


You can either ask for your name in or simply come on the day of the event

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One thing I did forget to mention…if you just takeoff and fly straight to KCOS you will be disqualified. In order to compete for first place rules are important
You must follow the start of the flightplan and not go above 500 feet AGL

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I won’t be able to attend sadly.


That’s sad 😒😭


Just saw this. It’s disqualified.


excited for this!

I hope so :) it is going to be a narrowing…harrowing…life endangering swooping roaring fighter jet race through the deep gorgeous Colorado mountains. Best of luck

We will also be having our wonderful @Zachary_Meir_Tish to YouTube the event for us…good way to support his channel and our website!!!

Redwings pilots should be coming!

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Really looking forward to this!🛩

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How many RedWings pilots!!! I can put your names down for this ;)

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@SkyHighGuys I’ll be coming. It sounds really funny.

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Ehh sounds funny? 😂

Not sure, but I sent them a message about the event. :D

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I’ll be able to join, your last event was really fun :)

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I’m really glad to hear that :) I believe you fill find this event not only fun but also challenging and a test to your skills as a pilot! But thank you for your kind words, it really means a lot to me!

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I’d like a list whenever you have the chance so I can put their names in the ever growing list :)

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