IFPI-Daeng-E's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @LFPG

Henlo IFC! Welcome to my Radar Tracking Thread. My name is ERIK as known as IFPI-Daeng-E, I’m currently an IFATC Specialist and still on the Radar Training phase so I created this thread. I hope you can come whenever I open an airport and reply below if you want me to add you to the ping list so I can tag you when I’m open;)

Feedback Details

Please put on your feedback if you had:

  • Separation Bust : When your separation with other aircraft is below 3 Nautical Miles lateral and 1,000 feet vertical . The minimum separation between any aircraft at all time is 3nm lateral and 1,000ft vertical .
  • Terrain Bust : The minimum separation between aircraft and terrain is 1,000 feet vertical .
  • Intercept Issue : 1. When doing an ILS Approach, the clearance heading is must to as close to 30° offset from the runway. 2. When doing an ILS Approach and I cleared you above the G/S or captured the LOC & G/S at the same time. 3. Late clearance.
  • Handoff Issue : 1. When you doing an ILS Approach and being handed off to Unicom/Tower before you established the LOC, check this image for example. 2. Late handoff. Check this page for more information about handoff to Tower/Unicom.
  • Inefficiency : When you think that you can go to the runway quickly and safely.
  • Other Issues : Any other issues that I don’t state above, such as, double-heading and/or altitude, unnecessary commands, wrong command, no clearance, late response, etc.

And I’d appreciated it if you gave the feedback with Time Stamp (eg: - [14:00Z] Late clearance).

Ping List

These are the people that I will tag whenever I open an airport, don’t hesitate to ask to me for add you to the list:)



  • Please only use the runway(s) I gave.
  • Fly at a normal/reasonable speed at all times.
  • Please follow any ATC instructions and even when you going to crash into terrain, you still have to follow the instruction.
  • If you gonna crash into terrain or gonna have any bust, you can request to descent/climb. But try to avoid this since it’ll help me to improve my skill.

Thanks to @Gritz for help me making this thread.

This thread has been Approved by my Trainer, @TaipeiGuru.


Please tag next!

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Chat me on Discord if necessary 😉

Open Now 2021-09-02T05:30:00Z

Training Server
Come and Join !!!

@BAK_UOV @SierraHotel @Syncline @Ramzi_Khairan @Gritz

which runway?

I’d be glad to come!

For everyone who’s interested in attending, please consider requesting ILS approaches. Our goal is to perfect Erik’s intercept timing prior to the next official session. :)


So sorry had to closed, have a internet issues
Thanks for coming @Andy_R @Hamid_RB @AviationChampion, appreciate any feedback you can write down here ;)

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On my end you did wonderful!

  • The only thing as for feedback, is that I almost had separation bust with two aircraft at the same time. However, you seemed to have gotten lucky because they had just reach 1000 ft above me as they came within 3nm of my airplane lol

Paris Center FIR
Rwy 08s and 09s in use
Training Server
ILS, GPS, VIS, RV and please Amend FPL with STARs.

@BAK_UOV @Hamid_RB @SierraHotel @AviationChampion @Gritz

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I’m in class, sorry.

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Hey! I won’t be around for long but I can do one more after this.

Thanks for coming guys
@Hamid_RB @Aaron_Drake-Worth
really Appreciate it guys!!