IFPhotos | Share Your Infinite Flight Photos!

Yes of course! Any type of edited photos are allowed even unedited :)

Thanks, just joined and posted my first pic!

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Great idea! I will try to post a photo tomorrow :)

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I wish I had the time for that 😅

It wasn’t coded entirely from scratch, but a lot of the code was edited. I’d say 75% of the original code is there but a lot was changed in order to accommodate the features that we needed.

I do have an apple developer account… and there is an available api for an app as well as the code which is already ready sooooo yeah 😉

👀 well maybe sooner than you think @Airnico_9962_on_YT

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42nd user 🙌🏼

Can’t wait to see how this grows! Great work building the site!

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Awesome thanks!

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Just joined! This is AMAZING.

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Why do we need to log in to view photos? Shouldn’t it just be you need an account to post photos?

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With our current system, you have to create an account to see photos. We will add an option to see the home page without creating an account in a future update.


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Now you only need to work with LiveFlight or MapFlight and then we could maybe also have it that the photos in the flight trackers update the photos of aircraft with photos from your site

nice idea, not so sure about the atc rules tho, i think it would be cool to have a “spotter atc” section for atc taking pics, etc

I’ve signed up!

Thank goodness there’s a dark mode option.

Glad to be part of Alpha. Great project @USA_ATC!

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Can’t wait to see some IFATC and IFAET photos!!


There are spotter and ATC ones on there. The ATC could just be a screenshot of the map showing traffic of a nice flow. There are some really cool ones out there which is why I added that option.


i recently joined and i LOVE IT. can only recommend


We’re glad you like it!

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