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Hey guys, before you read ahead, I would like you to read this topic first.

So i was saying since the topic was closed why dont we revive the website and start posting out screenshots and stuff there more and make like cool spotting accounts where we post planes we spotted

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I was actually involved in the testing of this site and used it during the times it was active. What I can say is, that, on paper, the idea is great. There are many great features that’s not available on the IFC.

Having said that… practically, its just a lot easier to post a topic here as there is simply a bigger audience. It just feels easier to keep everything in one place (IFC) then have a different website just for photos. Like, I never had the urge to go on the website while I was browsing the IFC, as it was just a lot easier to look at photos here.

Of course if you want to signup and continue using it that’s fine, but it won’t be too active.


Unfortunately photo threads are no longer allowed on the forum.

Hey well that’s the funny part. IF photos is its own platform. :)

I have indeed bumped the site with fresh photos! Enjoy!

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