IFPAX or IFAssistant speaking a whole different language

I was flying Delta and it started speaking German or something… It was english when I started the flight but at the end it was german o something foreign. I can’t find the settings for languages. Help?

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Ah, unfortunately it looks like your flight was compromised by @Moritz. Better luck next time…

Which app did you have problems with? If you weren’t sabotaged by Moritz, then it could be a destination thing, or some weird settings change mid flight. If it’s the first time it’s happened, just double check your settings and try it again. I understand you can’t find your settings but if you tell me the app name I can probably help out.

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That’s what I mean … I can’t tell which one it is because. I was using both at the same time. I would say it’s IFPAX

I doesn’t have language settings. IFPAX uses audio they found somewhere on the internet, so they either put the wrong audio in, or it was the real one on a flight to a country with whatever language you heard. Besides that, IFPAX isn’t supported by the IFC anymore so you can head over to their forum

If it was IF Assistant it could be as some voices use French as far as I am aware, but you have to ask @epaga for that

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Two of the PA voices avre french,. Is Adrian or (the other one who’s name I can’t remember) selected?

I have Sean on.

It’s most likely IF PAX so please head over to their forum

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