IFPAX no emergencies showing

I don’t know if this shoud go to #thirdparty cathegory or in #support, but the thing is that the new v5.0 includes emergencies, but I don’t find them. Can someone help me please?

this should go into third party and those emergencies are included in normal version

Do you know why I can’t find it??

The update is currently only for IOS. If you are on iOS please make sure you have updated IFPAX, if you are on android you will need to wait until mid November for the v5.0 update.

I have an iPhone 6s and an iPad 6th generation, IOS 12 and the last version of IFPAX

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See this:

Did you have emergencies enabled?

Sounds stupid but if you didn’t you won’t get an emergency

How can I enable them?

I’ll send you a link:

Ok, thanks

There you go:

Thank you!

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No problem, you’ll get some emegencies for now but I recommend you to turn that on for short haul only.

Yes, just imagine I’m flying during night while I’m sleeping, and a full engine emergency occurs… a catastrophe would occur… 😂😂


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