IFP merchandise?

Would you like IFP (infiniteflight.posts) merchandise over on Instagram? Just wondering! I’m doing a few tests as they cost £50 to make each!

Here are the plans!

What the hell is IFP?


I think it’s an IF Instagram fan page or something. :/


They look nice but they are Way overpriced. Even more expensive than Flight Cast’s!


50 pounds ($63) is way too much for a T-Shirt or Sweatshirt. Especially for a fan club.


Yeah they are overpriced, I pay just a little bit more for designer ones so I would definitely not buy one of these not that I would anyway. Just saying

Just for perspective a Ralph Lauren T-Shirt costs £45


£50 is how much they cost to make! Lol the won’t cost that much to buy

It’s my Instagram account! @infiniteflight.posts

Well then how would you make a prophet?


If they cost more to make than what the customer is paying, then you will be losing money.


Not necessarily because lots of people on Instagram are saying they want one! Sooo I will get a little but of profit! And I’m even if I don’t… at least I’ve made people happy:)

I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. It doesn’t matter how many people are interested in buying it. If you are charging the customer less than what you’re paying to get the product made, then you will not make any profit and will actually be paying some of your own money.

Yes, you would be making people happy, but at the same time you’re personally losing money.


It’s making money for you
About a Infinite Flight thing

What material is the clothing?, and is £50 the price of a tshirt?

You’d make no money. If you price them where people would buy them, you’d loose money. If you priced them where you make money, no one will buy them. I suggest finding another maker.


Good points. I’m sure the fans dig the merchandise but unless you’ve hit the powerball a new supplier might be a good idea. I applaud anyone who takes the time to make stuff like this and I’d hate to see that person lose money in their efforts.

Uhrm… hell no.

The prices are the downside to some things… I like the black hoodie though.

I don’t think this would be popular enough to sell. I think people would prefer Infinite Flight merchandise over a fan club, but that’s just my opinion.

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