IFoperations not creating new report

Hey everyone. I downloaded InfiniteFlightOperations earlier to get a pre-generated report (I thought It’d be handy so I don’t have to write everything out on a piece of paper like I usually do), however when I connect to the app it doesn’t generate a report (like the example report). Am I doing something wrong?

iPhone SE
IOS 12.1.4
most recent updates for both apps
Infinite flight connect api enabled


Hey, that is a third party app separate from Infinite Flight, contact @epaga or go to the In Flight Operations app for support.

Isn’t that what the #thirdparty category is for?

Right but the #thirdparty is more for displaying third party apps rather than support topics.

It happened to me once. The workaround was to close both IF and IFO, start IFO > Pre-flight before IF, and start IF.

You should get a notification during the start of the game, start of engines/seatbelt, and engine off.

I’m on an iPhone 7 iOS 12.1.2

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Ok thanks! Will do,

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