IFO Event 6: The 'Bumper' Landing Contest @ KONT - 132000ZFEB16

@BavariaAVIATION you don’t have to do all 3, but the more landings = more points. With a prop you can fly in from a airport dead close anyways.

I will do three landings, no worries, I just wanted to have things cleared up :)

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Is it possible to split the 3 landings on the two sessions, e.g. 2 today and 1 tomorrow or the other way round?

If you want cause an organisational headache for me (JK), but yes you can.


Did you forget the E-Jets or is that intentional? Sorry if I’m asking too much.

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Why are we lancing the small planes on the long runway and the jets on the short one?

Sorry @Matt_B was meaning to change that.

All aircraft can arrive on either runway.

Thanks. At least I read all the way to the bottom.

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We are live. Come show Germany there are other teams in this Olympics, they have 6 contestants currently out!

Shoutout to @Matt_B for being the only Non-German contestant here…

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Did you catch my landing? I had a disconnect on final…

Yeah I did, but it may have looked worse for me.

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Yeah, whatever. It was smooth but a lot too late. I still have two other tries though.

Yes, but in different aircraft I hope :)

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Great job team germany! Let’s grab that gold medal!

Can i join now ?

I have no idea. I am not the person to ask, I don’t know if team-shifting is allowed.

Cant get ifo server! Standing 99% 😡
I will fly a bit and get ready for 0800Z

@grxninesix do you mean 0900Z tomorrow?

Will try… Im not sure if i have the Time… I hope

hahahahaha lol 😂 Nice one

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