IFO Event 2: Speed Braking Reboot @ EBCI - 192000ZNOV16

For round 2 I’m gonna bring back an old favourite from last year.

##Speed Braking

This year we will be using EBCI. This runway is just under 8000ft long.

The object is to get to the highest speed possible down the runway, but then aborting and stopping before the end of the runway. Basically a game of runway chicken. If you overshoot the runway, then your attempt it invalid and you get no score. Highest speed wins :)


  • Spawn in at EBCI.
  • Ground will not be active, please taxi direct to runway 32R. Please check before crossing runways.
  • Hold short of 07 in the takeoff queue, contact tower when first in line.
  • Request takeoff. You will be told to line up before departure, do so when told.
  • When given takeoff clearance, accelerate down the runway, as fast as possible.
  • Do not take off! Instead abort the takeoff.
  • Come to a stop on the runway, and exit.
  • Taxi back to parking, or back round for a second attempt.

Competitors are limited to 2 attempts.

Server: Training Server 1. Please follow ATC instructions.

Time: 2 Sessions: Saturday 19th starting 2000Z, and Sunday 20th starting 0930Z. This is to accommodate time zones.

Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 only. Other aircraft are invalid.

Good luck :)


Sounds great, I just have a few questions:

  • If I lift off the ground (takeoff) by accident will I be ghosted for not following instructions?

  • How long does the speed warning last before you get a violation?

  • Am I allowed to back taxi though the grass onto the blast pad for those extra few meters?


First two I can’t answer. 3rd is no.


A) No. We cannot (and would not anyways) ghost for not following event instructions.
B) I don’t get what you mean.
C. No. the taxiway runs pretty much to the end anyway.


Ok thanks for answering.

Question 2 was how much time do you have from when you go over 250kts until we get the speeding violation ( in case we do(we won’t be staying above 250 for long so it probably does not matter.))

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I can come to the 0930Z one, it’s at the perfect time for me.

Activates Max negative trim lol

IFPM prepares once more to honor its commitment. See y’all out there

Ahhh ok. I don’t think it applies until you’re in the air, I’ll make sure today.


All the best to all teams from the guy with no live subscription


I will be coming for the second session.

You won’t get over 250 knots. It was the the Cessna Citation last year at KEWD and people struggled to get 200.

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Actually I’ve just tested, and you can…


We are moving to EBCI, runway 07


There’s a hint, remove the weight of the aircraft:)


One final change (sorry):

Event will now take place on Training server 1.

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Just checking because it is changing a bit.

Training server 1 ,B744 at EBCI RUNWAY 7


Oh, all my flying for nothing :-/

Can you join without a Team? I didn’t join, I am new.

Sorry, no. You are welcome to watch though.

@anon31652286 sorry, I took staff advice over this.

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2hrs to go :)