IFO C208 issue

Since 19.1 update of IF, the app doesn’t work when flying C208. Never gets past preflight screen.
Have redownloaded IFO and IF.
All functions on IFA are good, as is IF-API.
Seems like the engine start isn’t triggering IFO, and there isn’t a seatbelt/no smoking.

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Again, IFO is still in Beta. I’m not a professional about these things but I just wanted to say don’t expect it to always work

No. But thanks for trying.


Oh I forgot V1.0 is out. Sorry about that.


“In a Aircraft with no seatbelt signs, simply turn on engines.” You’ve done that.

Make sure your Infinite Flight Connect System is on as well! I think you’ve done that.

If nothing yet, keep restarting IF and IFOPS and it should connect and possibly make seatbelt/no smoking sign sounds!

All I can do. Seems like you have done everything…
Have a good day!

I know this is a bit random and maybe off topic but what is IFO?

In-Flight Operations, a free third-party app for Infinite Flight.

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Read above.

Hey there,
I had the same problem instead it did work, but as I kept using it the probably of it failing got higher until it never worked again so I deleted it. I would re-download it it if was fixed though.

Thanks, Ivmight download that acctualy

You’re right!
I’ll do some testing.


Next time please post in the app topic, so it will be seen right away. 😉

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Yep, can confirm this - most likely the internal API name for the aircraft changed with the latest update. Will fix this by next update.

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Thanks, as always.
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