IFO 2016: Update


No new teams will be excepted from now, with the exception of the Israeli team (they started before this). The deadline for team member lists will be Wednesday night, 2359Z.

EDIT: Clarity.

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What times of the day would these events be? @IceBlue

How do you get to watch I really wanna watch

Oh please let French team joining

@plane6 has one.

I’m not allowed to join I was to late the French team is joining next year:(

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Which day of the opening ceremony is IFES preforming? @IceBlue

##Big News:

The IFO 2016 Website is live: http://ifolympics.weebly.com/

Me and @Bluepanda900 have put in lots of work to get this ready for this year, and panda specifically has plenty more to come ;)

Official Team list:

  • Team GB (UK)
  • Team US (USA)
  • Team CH (Switzerland)
  • Team SE (Sweden)
  • Team DE (Germany)
  • Team AU (Australia)
  • Team CA (Canada)

These are the teams that have registered in and will be competing ;)


I plan on adding some more stuff in, so stay tuned for updates :)

Edit it inn to the top post lol or make a new one lol. Not too many people will scroll all the way down here ;)

It’ll flag up as a new post here. People will read.

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Your countdown timer is a little messed up ;)


Known issue. Sorry. @Iceblue needs to fix it, it doesnt show up in my editor lol.

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Remember to take the quiz! Check the website for more info

Um I don’t mean to start anything, but the photo you used as the banner on the website is my photo, just wondering cuz you didn’t run by me if you could use the photo.

You did lol.

Well lol CpNathan was the photographer but I edited so it’s really his photo but did you run it by him too @IceBlue?

That’s not @IceBlue fault. The way it was presented it was implied that the photo was yours. So it’s your fault for wrongley presenting a photo as yours without giving credit (fraud)

A) That was @Bluepanda900 who got the photo
B) You should have at least told us it wasn’t yours, anyway.

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I didn’t mean to present as mine fully, I was just trying to remember who was the photographer, so for the mean time i presented that way, at least I added he was the photographer.