IFO 2016: Update

Howdy folks,

It has been a little while since you have heard anything regarding the Olympics, but since my promotion I have been working hard with various people to start making some plans.

1) Schedule changes

All you have known is that the Olympics will be starting in November. i have now looked into how this will work properly. The olympic opening ceremony will take place on Sunday, 6th November. Events will then take place every weekend, for 6 weeks, into December:

Opening ceremony: Sunday 6th November
Event 1: Saturday/Sunday 12th/13th
Event 2: Saturday/Sunday 19th/20th
Event 3: Saturday/Sunday 26th/27th
Midweek Madness: (Event 4) Monday 28th November-Friday 2nd December*
Event 5: Saturday/Sunday 3rd/4th
Event 6: Saturday/Sunday 10th/11th
Event 7: Saturday/Sunday 17th/18th
Closing Ceremony: Midweek 19th-23rd OR Saturday 24th (See Below)

  • Midweek Madness will be a special event. Teams will need to attend once during the 5 days. Expect more details closer to the date.

###Closing ceremony date:

I think Christmas Eve would be a good date, but it may not be good with some, I don’t know. Therefore, I am letting the community choose:

  • Midweek 18th-23rd December (TBD)
  • Christmas Eve (Saturday 24th)

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2) Team registration:

Soon I will be sending out forms to team leaders to be registering team members. Team members, please be finalising your team lists ready to go ;)

3) IFO Media Provider:

For a number of reasons, including but not limited to their CEOs lack or organisation, IFPM, led by @SkyHighGuys, will now be providing all media (Videos, photos, podcasts etc) from the Olympics. Any Camera Crew members still wishing to film the Olympics should now join IFPM, or they will not get access to the Olympic server.

No members of the Camera Crew will be given access to IFPM, and other solutions not resulting in a full scale removal have been discussed and rejected.

Thanks, and good luck to all ;)


@IceBlue… Don’t forget the Observer Tickets. I’d like one down front close to the Beer Hall & Winners Circle. Thank you, Max


We already had a front row seat reserved for you, don’t worry ;)


IFPM stands by its Olympic providers and staff. We are honored to service the Olympics and this forum in the coming days. Thank you. May the force be with all of you, and may the odds ever be in your favors.

~508 (CEO at IFPM)


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You must have a great team working for you

@PlanesForLife would you like me to give a full explanation on the public forum?

Will observer tickets be given out?

Please continue this on a private DM

Okay, I will.

No one really joined team El Salvador… saddness

Sad titanic music…

Updated thanks

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You weren’t very active for a while lol.

What are the requirements for the server?

I think you should keep the closing ceremony midweek as everyone is with their families and friends on the christmas eve.

I think it’s grade 3, not sure if this can be changed.

I’m grade 2 :(. I only got live for 1 month, and the next time I will get I’d for the Olympics sadly.

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Oh no :(. Not sure we could change this from last year, if not you can still help ;)

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Maybe we could try to contact Tyler about it. I know a lot of teams don’t have XP requirements either lol.