IFO 2016 Event 1- Relay Race @ EHAM - 132000ZNOV16

Firstly sorry for the uninspired name. I’m tired.

To begin this year, we’re gonna be having a relay race. It’s fairly uncomplicated, but as always be sure to read all the rules before the event.

The race will be run over 6 legs, starting and finishing at EHAM. At the end of each leg, the pilot will need to switch to a different pilot. It will work as follows:

  • Pilot 1 takes off from the first airport, to the second airport.
  • Pilot 2 waits at the landing runway of the second airport.
  • Pilot 1 makes an approach for landing, where the changeover happens. Changeovers can be done how you like, there are 2 rules:
    1. Pilot 2 must not have lifted off before Pilot 1 touches down.
    2. The 2 aircraft must not crash into each other.
  • Breaking either of these rules = 10 second time penalty.

The route:
This is a possible route; the only requirement is that you go between the runways below:


Takeoff from EHAM 24
Land EBBR 20 with next pilot taking off
Land EBCI 07 with next pilot taking off
Land EDDK 32R ‘’
Land EHDL 20 ‘’
Land EHAM 36R

Lowest timed score wins (measured by the time it takes for you to touch down at EHAM)

Contestants can fly one or more legs, this means teams need a minimum of 2 competitors as you must change pilots after every leg. Teams with 4 or more competitors will receive a small time bonus.

Aircraft restriction: A320 family.

Time: Around 2000Z, 12/11/16 (Saturday). Team leaders should organise an exact time with me. Team AU will be able to compete at a different time (probably Sunday morning zulu.)

Server: Casual

Good luck ;)

@Wren_Jago and @Bluepanda900 helped me greatly planning for this, expect to see them there also ;)


More than happy to have helped organise this

Am I allowed to come, I will just fly higher so they I stay away from the aircraft in the relay race?

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Team canada shall be there woohoo

Team USA will be there! Also, just so you know, 13/11/16 is on Sunday. :)

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Ahh, cheers for that. Sorted ;)

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Feels so great that my idea made it into the final cut @IceBlue @Bluepanda900

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You should! Mine too lol. Then @Wren_Jago had the same one lol. Great minds think alike!

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Good luck to the teams competing!


is there a communication site for team gb?

Please contact @Matt_Elphick as he is the leader of the team. I don’t do that kind of thing :).

Sorry for the delay in response but IFPM will be there in force to help with photos! Make sure you keep an eye on our Photo Gallery thread and on our Olympic Tracking Thread. :)
Updates will be issued by 1930Z

@Eric_Jordy can we start a PM with the team? We should get organised for the event.

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Event will be postponed to Tomorrow at 2000Z.


What time tonight for Team GB?

So Sunday the 13th at 2000Z?


Just over an hour! Which teams are competing at 2000Z?

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Team Germany

We will maintain our presence for as long as possible. Some staff might have to leave due it outside world or VA events cough cough but there will always be at least one IFPM photographer taking photos of a teams switcharoo

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Team leaders have exact times, I’ll post them here:


CA 2000
CH 2010
US 2020
SE 2030
DE 2040
GB 2050


All zulu.

Pls let me know if this is an issue.