IFO 2015/16 Conclusion [Scores!]

So we are at the end now.

For a first crack at it, I would say this has been quite successful. Yes, we had our bad events (cough Dush cough :-P) but we also came back with some better ones. Now, I will give some personal thanks:

@Thomas_Galvin for coming up with this whole thing and being dictator leader of this :-P
Carson’s dog for helping organize this.
@dush19 for helping to organize this, someone to judge my 0900 sessions, and putting up with me rambling on about random things
@Benjamin_Wayman for being ace in tower for some of our events.
Matt for giving us a server
the departed @Maxmustang for waking up at 5am to come to one of our events
@Nick_Art for always finding a way to get Switzerland points, no matter what the circumstances are.
@Samuel123abc for constantly nagging me about the bloody scores.
All of team Germany and team Sweden, specifically @Jasper who came to every event.
Nick_Art and Yna who pushed team CH to a stong position, even with less teammates than the other teams.
and for the most recent event:
@Flying-Switzerland for being the late stand-in that couldn’t :)
Carson for having lunch with his Grandma
@ZachCurrin for pulling off the fasting pull in-then out in history
and the past 3 for pulling out the new world record for the most pullouts in 15 minutes (before the event) :)
and @Henrik_B for doing the event ATC in the end :)

Hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Ok, this is what you’ve been waiting for. here are the final event standings, individual and team.

Well done to Jasper for being the best individual contestant, and well done to
#Team Sweden for winning the 2015/16 IF Olympics :-)
##2nd: Team Germany
###3rd: Team Switzerland

What next:
We will be having a closing ceremony, stay tuned for details.


Thanks you to all who helped/competed/spectated/developed this year, and for making the Olympics a success :-)



@Thomas_Galvin stupid 10 mentions rule…

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I’m positive I would’ve been higher up if I hadn’t gotten my phone taken away early in the Olympics… -.-

I don’t get the Original Landing Competion, how do you land 40t+ aircraft in an original way?

Ask @Nick_Art, also you can use any aircraft you want.

I don’t know how he landed. Did he do a barrel roll or an Immelmann before landing?

congrats to team sweden and germany! well done👏🏽😊
but we will have a 101 revenge this or next year 😉
special thanks to @IceBlue @Carson @Thomas_Galvin @dush19 and everyone who made this all happen 😎👍🏽


Is this a swiss term or something :)

Thanks @Yna

He landed a A320 upside down.


Well Done Ice and your team. I made most of the events with an AKA Call Sign. Appears the Mustang made a ripe Target for the great unwashed on the Advanced. Knew Sweden had it in the bag from the get go, there preparation and organization was 1st Rate. The Germans fought the good fight right up to the end but superior preparation and practice won the day, Me thinks. Hats off to the Swiss and my good friend Nick, BZ youngster, you and your team did you proud.
The real winner here is the Community. You and your team set the bar high Iceman. It’s going to take some doing to equal or out do the IF Olympics. Finally a personal shout out to Carson, Tom and Dush.and you Ice. Miss you brothers. Max Sends


When is the next Olympics? I want to (perhaps) join next time.

Next year i call being leader for team USA again.


i have thinking this is the number of scores who say what team win… Switzerland is the team who having most points…

Sorry for dont coming at all events, sleeping or not available at the moments…

I think we can prepare a great Switzerland team the next year!

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where i am?

U S A. U S A. U S A U S A U S A U S A U S A U S A U S A U S A



I see an AU mixed in there @AR_AR …you secretly like Australia!

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12 isn’t bad 😏

I will hand out the trophy at the closing ceremony…(or send it over the Internet to your PM lol)

Who Is Carson’s Dog? Does he have an Account here?

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Congrulations 1st to 3rd Teams.

Iam AU10 ??? --> @turkish534