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Our latest interview is going to be with @Tyler_Shelton . He is currently the ATC community manager here on the Infinite Flight community as well as an ATC controller for the united states airforce. Please comment below with any questions you may have for him about IF or about Real life.

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  • What is your comment or opinion regarding IFATCs today?
  • When did you start your profession as an ATC in real life?

Does the US Air Force have a close relationship with the Royal Air Force internally?

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-What is your opinion on our current VAs?
-What do you think is the best way to connect with Non Forum member that still fly on Expert, TS1, Casual

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Is there a certain mindset you have to have if you want to be an air traffic controller?

Favorite part about the job?

Advantages over being a controller in the Air Force instead of a regular controller?

Why do you think the age cutoff for ATC is so low (30 or 31 I believe) but pilots can be 65?

Did you go through the training process in Oaklahoma or did the Air Force have their own training procedures somewhere else?

Hardest part of the job?

How did you meet Laura?
What Job she offered you at starting?
Is it difficult to be ATC?
Is it difficult to be IFATC Manager?
How did you become an ATC officer with U.S. Air Force and What made you chose it over Regular ATC?


What is the hardest part about being ATC?

How did you get started with being an ATC?

Do you prefer to control IRL or in IF?


On which air force aircraft did you get the chance to fly with?

Thanks for all the questions so far. I will be sending the questions to Tyler tomorrow afternoon. So just under 24 hours time. Make sure to get questions in quick.

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How does being a military controller differ from a commercial controller?
Why don’t (according to wikipedia) large airports use pattern in real life?

When did you become ATC and what made you want to be ATC?

What do you enjoy more:
Controlling planes or flying them?
What command which people don’t listen to is most annoying for you as ATC manager?

This question seems quite obvious to me…

  • What do you think of the way Emil is contributing to IFATC
  • Over the past few years, IFATC has grown from being very little to having almost 300 members. Where do you see IFATC in the future and with global?
  • Are you gonna miss Emil when he leaves in May?

Yes but it has to be asked right? ;)

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What is it like taking the daily strides to keep the IFATC quality level up too par




-How has meeting Joe, Mark, and Jason improved not only IF, but your overall quality of life?

-Are you paid enough to put up with all the BS you have to deal with?

-If you had to choose either Joshy or Emil to be stranded with on a deserted island, who would it be and what the hell is wrong with you?

I’ll hang up and listen.