ifnews.co.uk | Interview with @MishaCamp Now Available!

We’re delighted to announce that our Apple readers will now be able to check the latest Infinite Flight News through the Apple News App.

While this won’t be our primary publication source, it will mean that you’ll be able to check and browse the latest straight from your home screen.

For more information, and instructions on how to get it, visit our website.


Why are all IF apps on app store 😢😤😥:(

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This isn’t our own app, rather we are published on the app. You can still use our mobile friendly website. We’ll be looking into Android Apps as a feature idea but nothing yet.

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It’s simple: Apple is superior. :)
(Please don’t start any arguments)


Great news! Never thought that you’ll grow that quickly.


Full review of the newly updated ‘Infinite Passengers’ app is up…

there is no given fact that apple is superior but ok

It was a joke. Relax

Very in-depth and informative review! Still on the fence on whether I’m interested or not but this apps quality certainly shouldn’t be questioned at this point.

tell me what you mean by of this word “relax”

Have a sense of humor.

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I do have a sense of humor. But usually, humor means that something is actually funny.


You sound so serious…

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Amazing Job! You should do these for all IF third-party apps!

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We should, shouldn’t we.

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Ohhhhh shots fired 😂. I’m sorry but stop it people have different views even though I do agree with @antek let’s just let it pass.


Nice, we needed a review for this app. And now hopefully I can get alerts on new features posted by Laura 😏

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I am pleased to announce that our latest interview with @Carson has been published on the website. Any suggestions for future people to interview let us know.




I am happy to announce that now we are having an interview with @MishaCamp please post any questions you have for him below.

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Where do you get ideas for your jokes/burns?
unicorns, real or not?
Have you bought your sunglasses yet (@emil)
What’s your favorite part about moderation