IFN Poll | Part 4.

Well, we have made it everyone! This is the final poll. Thank you to all who have voted so far! You are making my research super easy! This is it, we are now going to vote for your favorite A320 livery!

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Lufthansa Airways

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This poll will close in 2/3 hours btw


A huge thank you to everyone who has participated in our surveys so far! I know it may have been a lot but Jackson was looking to get as much and as varied information as possible.

Thanks again for your participation and we are excited to share the final product with you!


This poll been very interesting to follow!!

Thanks for the hard work and effort you put into this! Surprised that the a320 won but let’s go!

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What will you do with the outcome of your research?

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Thank you George

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I will be writing an article about why the aircraft and livery are so popular, interviews from people about why they enjoy it, and some cool routes that it flys

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3 minutes left for voting

I want the voting to b a tie

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So I voted for Lufthansa

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2 more votes for Lufthansa

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The poll is now closed! We have a winner! Alaska Airlines A320! I will be using two photos in this article, so if you have any good photos of an Alaska A320 (from IF) please PM them to me!

You will get photo credit btw

Shoot I saw a Alaskan 320 at EWR tday I shld have taken I pic

I need photos from Infinite Flight

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