IFN Poll | Aircraft Survey Pt.2

The results are in!! I have thrown in the Citation X for this round since I forgot it in the last one! This will determine the favorite aircraft overall of the IFC! This will be closed tomorrow morning around 7/8 AM EST so vote while you have time!

The Survivors!

  • A320
  • Super Decathlon
  • 787-900
  • Dash Q400
  • C208
  • Citation X
  • SR22
  • TBM930
  • E175
  • A10
  • F16C
  • F14
  • F22
  • MD11 (Freight)
  • Spitfire MK VIII

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Some of these were very close in the first round! So, this is it for aircraft, which one will it be? Tomorrow we will vote on the favorite livery of today’s winning aircraft! Thanks for participating!

For a second, I actually didn’t see any Boeing Aircraft.

Freaks Out


I would too, done worry!

I am surprised that the 777 did not make the list in survey 2

Would be nice to see GA do well! :)

Have to support Airbus since it’s European manufactured airline.

787-9! Yeet! Can’t wait to see who wins. Why didn’t the 737 make it though?

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It was all from a previous pole and that did not get enough votes

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I already did a poll like that

Yes, I am aware, however, this one featured every aircraft and will be narrowed down to a livery after. I will then write an article explaining why this livery/aircraft is so popular featuring interviews from community members


Hmm…what happened to the 787-10?

It did not win. You can visit the previous poll to see how other aircraft did

Are we voting for our favorite in real life, or our favorite to fly in IF?

In Infinite Flight. This poll is for an article in am writing for Infinite Flight News

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Not to my surprise, Boeing and Airbus have the lead. They are kind of close and anything can happen overnight! Good luck to all aircraft!

That should be very intresting. I use FPL to IF
And use this https://fpltoif.com/stats to occasionally check which Aircraft is the most used in Infinite Flight and which livery. For you to write it on Infinite Flight News it would certainly be something worth reading and understanding people’s opinions

Thank you, that is why I am doing it. Yes, this is not the only deciding factor. I am just trying to get a general overview from here because not everyone uses FPLtoIF

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The 787-9 better win…not that I’m biased or anything :)

No! Your name doesn’t indicate that or anything
It is in the lead as of now


I know :D :D :D

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