IFN Interviews Question Thread | Levet

Hello! IFN is very excited to be able to interview Infinite Flight Community Member Chris Levet. Levet, often called by his last name around here, is a big help to the communities he serves here online and in his area.

In a reply to this thread, you can post any questions that you would like us to ask Levet. Many of your questions will be chosen, and if yours is one your name will be next to it! Your questions help us understand what it is that the community wants to know about our interview subjects!

Thank you to everyone involved in this interview from IFN. Again, please reply with any questions you have. We look forward to asking Levet some interesting questions and posting his answers soon!

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What is your favorite aspect of the community?

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What is the greatest part about being a moderator?

What’s your favorite aircraft not in IF thats not the A350?

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What made you want to become a moderator, and how did you come by doing it?

What’s your favorite category?

  1. Short, Medium, or Long Hauls? Which one is your favorite?
  2. How does being a firefighter affect flying in IF?

How has IF changed you life? - It’s done done a lot for us old timers some more than others but how exactly and to what degree.

Also what’s the most rewarding and least rewarding part about being a moderator in your opinion?

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Does IF put a struggle on your life even with 2 children?

Keep those questions coming! :D

Btw, Levet is a firefighter so maybe ask him something about that! :D

Are you sure about that?

Unless things have changed since I last heard, I’m pretty sure he is a firefighter

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What’s the engine size and horse power of the fire trucks you drive?

What was you’re proudest moment as a FireFighter?

Would you ever consider restarting IFMP or some version of it?

Get some last minute questions in! This thread will close soon!