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Hello! IFN is very excited to be able to interview Infinite Flight Community Member @GlobalFlyer1. GlobalFlyer1 is a respected regular on the Infinite Flight Community and a big fan of the California Bay Area Airports, Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC/KSJC) and San Francisco International Airport (SFO/KSFO).

In a reply to this thread, you can post any questions that you would like us to ask Flyer. Many of your questions will be chosen, and if yours is one, your name will be next to it! Your questions help us understand what it is that the community wants to know about our interview subjects!

Thank you to everyone involved in this interview from IFN. Again, please reply with any questions you have. We look forward to asking Flyer some interesting questions and posting his answers soon!

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How many times have you been to india? What’s your favorite part about planes?
How do you feel about SJC? Describe your passion for it.
How did you become interested in aviation?
What was the best and worst flight you’ve ever been on?
What’s your favorite plane?
When did you start playing IF?
What was your first IF flight and first global flight?
Have you ever been on a 737 MAX?
What was the longest flight you’ve been on?
Favorite airline?
Is there a food place you like at KSJC? 😂

How many times have you been to Austin?

And did you like the Austin airport? It’s amazing Heheheh


Why do you like United Airlines so much?


Why do you hate Pepsi so much?


Why should i fly to SJC? 🤔


According to your profile your birthday is on April 1st, 2003 (01.04.2003), you’ve been to 3 continents and you’re at Grade 4 in Infinite Flight.

If you add all the numbers together (1+4+2003+3+4) you end up at 2015. In 2015, the IFC was launched. Back then you were 12 years old. If you multiply 2015 with 12 you end up with 24‘180. Now, GlobalFlyer has 11 letters. When you divide 24‘180 with 11 you get 2‘198. The year 2198 is 179 years from now. When we multiply 179 with 2, we end up with 358. We now add +1 because you’re GlobalFlyer1. Then we end up with 359. 359 like in A359, the Airbus A350-900.

Based on this result which can’t be a coincidence, here’s my question:

Did you enjoy Switzerland while you’ve been here?


I should probably stop asking if pineapple belongs on pizza, so I’ll ask something else.
What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

It’s less controversial but yummy.


Why do you hate JetBlue so much?
And how can you convince someone to ride United despite their bad PR image?

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@Will_A Pineapple does belong on pizza 😏

What would you like your future to be?

Where haven’t you flown?

How many movements have you got? (All ATC)

I ran out of time I was enjoying my lunch whilst spotting at CYTZ then I had to go.

What is it with you and hating SFO so much?

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What do you think of small airports north of the East Bay?

KEDU - University Airport (Davis)
KDWN - Nut Tree (Fairfield)
KSMF - Sacramento Int’l

  • Why does OAK scare you so much when the airport and its surrounding areas are safe?

  • Would you ever fly out of STS?

  • Have you ever been to RHV, SQL, NUQ, or PAO?

  • What’s it like being a regular?

  • Who is a bigger SJC fan, me or you?


I think @BigBert10 is a bigger SJC fan sorry lol his responses on slack crack me up😂 Also I have one more question:
Favorite airline?
Favorite airport? ****NOT IN THE BAY AREA!

Have you ever even been to SFO?!

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What’s your favorite part of IF (aside from being able to fly into KSJC)?

Do you know @BigBert10 personally?

What’s your favorite aircraft that’s not in Infinite Flight?
Would you ever fly to SFO in Infinite Flight?
What’s your favorite airline to fly with?

And @Ecoops123, pineapples do Not go on pizza.


Already asked

Is there an “SJC Club”?

And now for the big question:

Airbus or Boeing?

I have another question. Bombardier or Embrear?