IFN Interview with Trio!

Hello! IFN is very excited to be able to interview Infinite Flight Community Member @Trio. @Trio is the ATCEG (Air Traffic Control Education Group) .

In a reply to this thread, you can post any questions that you would like us to ask @Trio Many of your questions will be chosen, and if yours is one, your name will be next to it! Your questions help us understand what it is that the community wants to know about our interview subjects!

Thank you to everyone involved in this interview from IFN. Again, please reply with any questions you have. We look forward to asking Trio some interesting questions and posting his answers soon!

Infinite Flight News thread : Infinite Flight News | The Largest Collection of App & Community News

ATCEG website : http://atceg.net/

Have a good day everyone.
Noah - IFN Interviewer


Who are the other two persons who are part of your Trio?


Damn it I was gonna ask the same thing


How long until the live website is out. Pleeeeeez I’m waiting,
(For those who don’t get the joke, I’m the Dev, and it’ll be out on Friday 🤭)

Serious question, what inspired you to found the ATC Education Group and where do you see it going next?


Who inspired you to join Infinite Flight and the IFC and then go on to complete all of the amazing things you have done for IF?


How far has the ATCEG come (how many people have been trained etc)?


Personal/Main question: How many minutes/hours on average per day do you spend on Infintie Flight, compared to your personal life?

Sub-question: What website or app do you use to get the approach plates of different airports?

Sub-question no.1: What did it feel like being in IFATC (Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control) the first time and then gradually moving up the hierarchy?

Sub-question no.2: How did you come up with your unique name?

Sub-question no.3: What does it feel like being overwhelmed or being put under constant stress when you’re controlling at busy/very busy airports or at FNF airports (particularly when you’re a radar controller)?

Curious question: If you’re one year younger than the minimum age requirement to join IFATC, are you still eligible to join IFATC or do you strictly need to meet the minimum age requirement (sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but I do need some clarification)?

Note: Yes, I can admit this is a lot of questions, but I don’t want to miss this opportunity to ask these questions as most of them are useful to me personally :/.


In your opinion what’s the most challenging part of controlling radar frequencies?

What inspired you to train to become an IFATC controller?


What made you choose ATC over flying?

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As a Trio, are pizza and pineapple a duo you approve of?


No, that’s disgusting. I’m part Italian so that’s sacrilegious.


Thank you. Correct answer 😂

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What’s it like being an ATC for the expert server?
And, what made you want to start the Atc education?(If this has been asked already my apologies)

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What the hardest airport to control?


Do you enjoy being IFATC? And if so, what’s your favorite airport to control?


What side do you like being on more? IFATC or flying?


How have IFATC been reported while flying? And how did it happen?

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Do you like big and crowded airports or small and less crowded airports?

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Live website? Im confused

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We’re at 23 questions! I will close the questions thread between 1600z today and 1600z tomorrow. (depends on number of questions)
Please get some others questions for Trio that you’d like to ask him!