IFMT - Infinite Flight Media Team | Official Thread

Welcome to the Official Post of the Infinite Flight Media Team!

We are a team of logo-making specialists that are here to help you out! We can help you with your VA (badges, logos, ranks etc) or we can help you with anything else (Infinite Flight related of course) like IFC Profile Pictures or just Image editing.

How to use our services?

To use our services we divide into two different sectors. One sector being VA Media and the other being General Media.

General Media

If you want yourself a Profile picture or a photo edited for you, you go here! When you contact me in a PM through the community you will state that you want General Media. Then we will ask you some questions so we know what you want exactly on your product. You may request a font, colour and more.

VA Media

To get any logos, badges, etc, you can request VA Media and we will make whatever you want! Please be prepared that we might need your VA’s logo in a png file format. You must be specific when you request though, as we need to get it how you like!

The Media Team and how to join?

The current team:
IFMT Manager - @Carrots4Luke1
General Media Manager - AVAILABLE
VA Media Manager - AVAILABLE
Media Officer - AVAILABLE - This position is unlimited, many editors/designers can be in this role.

To Join - If you think you can do it and you would love to join you must be able to use one of the following: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, any photo editor.
If you can make or edit pictures well on any of the above you must then contact me. Once you have contacted me I will set you a task and I will decide whether you can have the role based on the design you bring back to me.

If you are a VA Owner, we are always open for a partnership! Just PM me and we can negotiate.

Advantages of a partnership

There are many advantages of a partnership with us, we can respond to a request within 12 hours at least and you can request as many designs as possible. When a VA is partnered with us the owner will join our slack so that they can just PM me for a request.We can make rank badges for your VA or even logos, here are some examples of ones we have made:



Why I made this?

The main reason I decided to make this Media Team was because of the amount topics in the VA category where people were trying to get someone to make them a logo. But, now all you need to do is request for a partnership with IFMT! We will accept partnerships with VA’s that are awaiting approval so we can help them with their logos and media related needs as well as already approved Virtual Airlines.

A note

We are a free organisation and have no involvement with the use of money. All our staff work as volunteers and will not get payed.


I’m interested, but last time I inquired about a logo you never made it.


Yeah, I am sorry for that. That was about a few months ago wasn’t it, Sorry, I was very busy then…


Great idea, however, your examples aren’t actually in the details section.


I had a problem with some of the display in the thread. I will try to fix! Thanks!

If you still need them I can find the PM and get them done.

Their service is absolutely incredible.

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Congrats to @pidge !!!
He is the new VA Media Manager!


Hi there. I also need your awesome services

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Great! Be sure to shoot me a PM!


The current staff team:
Manager - @Carrots4Luke1
VA Media Chief - @pidge
Media Officer - @Fall_Etto

If you think you have the expertise to join and you want to help others out go for it and shoot me a PM!

If your a VA and you need assistance with your badges or logos come to us!

Current VA Partnerships:
Boeing Virtual Airline (Awaiting approval) - @Benayres125


Absolutely incredible work today! Thanks!


Thank you for the incredible work!


Just so you know, yourdrop down arrows don’t work. But great looking thread :)


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