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You’d be surprised as to how many people on expert “check in” without being handed off, and the amount who don’t “check in” after being handed off…


2 more hours to get your answer in for today’s poll. Tomorrow will be a lot more challenging.


Today’s answer idk what @schyllberg was thinking lol 😂 If you guys have any suggestions for topics let me know. Next question posts at 0000Z


@schyllberg I might leave my landing lights on at cruise but at least I kind of know how to communicate with app 😜


Ah crap. I thought i removed that! Well, go ahead. Have fun at my expense.

Chatta, open a frequency and stop chatting. Kbye.


1/9/18 question of the day

You are flying a A320-200 into KSFO. Visibility is reported at 900 meters. You have been cleared for the ILS approach runway 28R. What actions do you need to take from first to last judging by the picture?

  • (A) Pitch down, Add power, increase speed, descend, turn right
  • (B) Add power, pitch up, climb, turn left
  • ( C ) Add power, pitch down, increase speed, turn left
  • (D) Add power, Pitch down, increase speed, turn right

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Something in mind that as you add power with full flaps, you will start to gain lift (pitch up). Also, since you have a small tailwind and you’re already near stall, you don’t want to immediately pitch up and start climbing after adding throttle. That’s why I chose C instead of B but I’m interested to know the correct answer for this scenario.


I’m really stuck on this one. I chose B because according to the picture, you are below the altitude for the ILS approach, which means you would need to pull up. BUT, the speed is low, which would imply you’d need to pitch down to gain speed. BUT, there isn’t no stall warning, so you wouldn’t explicity have to follow stall rules.

Very interesting question!


Notice how the flaps are at FULL.

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Notice his FPM and his pitch. He is in a stall. You can disable the stall messages in the options. Yes he has low load factor but at that angle he shouldnt be losing altitude at that pitch unless he is stalling. This question is a clear stall recovery question


ILS heading is wrong first of all…

A and D is wrong coz LOC is on to the left of neutral

He is losing a lot of speed. Pitching up makes a stall worse so it probably going to pitch down to help.

C is it for me

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Isn’t visibility reported in feet in the US?

Look it came up as meters in app so I went with it 😂


I hate when the community answer heavily outweighs mine, but I am confident…

Edit: never mind, the poll answers moved around me lol

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Interesting results B gained a lot of traction overnight.

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1 hour til the poll closes


I’ve got to go with B, because wouldn’t you have to climb back to pattern altitude until established on the localizer? Descending doesn’t make sense to me, as you would be below the glide slope by the time you intercept the localizer (most likely).

Edit: Just realized, if you pitch up more, before you gain speed your going to be in a stall. This one is a little trickier!


Today’s answer great job to those who got it right. It wasn’t the easiest question to decifer.

Tomorrow’s question will post at 0000Z


These trick questions don’t help anyone learn!


It was obvious that pitching up would make it worse. I saw it right from there. Any further pulling would make more drag and throw you into a stall.