IFMP Question of the day | 1/23/18 Answer posted

Uuuuuuhhhhhhh… Sticking with my gut on this one!

Appreciate ya doing this Brandon. Should be required reading.


Oh it’s getting close

Here is today’s answer great job to those who got it. For those that didn’t feel free to ask questions.

Next question posts at 0000Z.


Good idea to listen first, but failing to hear any traffic on the channel, requesting traffic advisories is a double check of both TX and RX of the system. Announcing inbound is TX in the blind, never a optimum situation. So…I take a zero for today, but I will always request the advisory even after listening. Appreciate ya!

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1/21/18 Question of the day

You have just arrived at the hold short. An aircraft has just announced he’s on final at 5NM. Can you Takeoff?

  • (A) Yes
  • (B) No

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Depends on the aircraft in the scenario.

  • Cessna 172 on 5nm final and a B737 holding short, then yeah, I’d take off. 😉

Were it the other way around, it could be cutting it close.


In a 172 you would have time to get dressed.

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If there’s a 172 on final, I’m definitely going for it, even if I’m in an A388. I think I’m gonna sit this one out, a good lawyer (and a bad one) can argue for both answers.

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Seems like an open-ended question. Yeah, you can take off, but have you been instructed to do so?

Reguardless of Type the answer is the same.

We are at an uncontrolled field.

What happens if you need to back taxi😉

Why would they need to back-taxi if they are holding short for takeoff?

One more hour to get you answer in before the poll closes.

Looks like the majority needs to brush up on right if ways. a

Reffrence FAR 91.113g
Great job to those that got it.


1/22/18 Question of the day

The METAR is reported as <KLAX 220200Z 25005KT 2SM OVC010 09/M03 A2992 RMK AO2> Can you perform patterns?

  • (A) Yes it’s VFR
  • (B) Yes it’s MVFR
  • © No it’s IFR

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Where’s the button for requesting special VFR?


No SVFR for this one 😂😂

Low participation on this one 😔


1/23/18 Question of the day.

You are South east of TNCM you are instructed to hold over St. Maarten at 8,000 Feet right turns do not exceed 200kts which entry will you use, and what does do not exceed 200kts mean?

  • (A) Tear drop entry. Do not exceed 200 KIAS
  • (B) Parallel entry, Do not exceed 200Kts GS
  • © Direct entry, do not exceed 200 KIAS
  • (D) Parallel entry, do not exceed 200Kts GS

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