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Do we have those in IF? I didn’t think so.

I thought that you were talking about a beacon light.
Should I have been able to differentiate those?
Because I thought you were talking about a beacon light, I didn’t know whether I should do left or right.

Exactly so that couldn’t have been what I was talking about

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We don’t have those in Infinite Flight, however I thought the question was in context of the real world. I honestly don’t care if I’m right or wrong, but that’s my mistake, I read the question wrong.

Thanks for the helpful answer :l
I appreciate it.


Having researched those lights recently for my product design work I pretty much aced it 😇

1/17/18 Question of the day

You are departing John F Kennedy International. You are filed for London Heathrow. You have planned the DEEZZ FOUR departure. Planned cruising altitude is FL350. Upon departure you are handed to departure control. What is the proper initial contact?

  • (A) Request climb to FL350
  • (B) Request Flight following to London Heathrow
  • © Check in, and await instructions.
  • (D) Ask for an ILS approach for runway 27L at London Heathrow.

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Anyone who answers B or D might need to do some research (thankfully there are none).

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What do you mean? I’m telling all my controllers to keep saying “state intentions” until they ask for an ILS approach in their destination airport.


Seriously! 🤦‍♂️ Don’t do that.
@Levet @joe the evidence is overwhelming


I want to know why B is incorrect as tower doesn’t know your intentions or it shows(FF-EGLL) on the ATC screen. There isn’t a clearance delivery frequency either

Think again ;). Anyways this is a normal question I believe for IF.

The issue with that is that all of the time, it should be the ATC controller that decides which runway the aircraft is landing on.

Also, you shoulda gotten some CANARSIE transition action in there.

Normally, on the expert, the approach controller will be the same controller as Tower and Ground, which In That case won’t be nessacary. For example Tim B… The controller already knows your heading to EGLL as “you are filled for London Heathrow”… The departure controller will either deviate you from your FPL or give you frequency change. Always though you check in first so the controller can see what’s going on / they know your on frequency. Not saying this is correct , just what I always do

Not happening that often because they have to be the rank of “ATC Supervisor” or above in order to do so

This is another difference between IF and VATSIM/Real-world flying. We don’t have a clearance frequency and you can never say your intentions except for ground movements.

Interesting question, I want to see what I can get out of this

Not sure if you’re getting the point Hawaii is making.

I think hes joking…

Pretty sure you are too

Checking in is always the first thing you do. You say your intentions before you check in, the controller still might deviate you from your FPL so it makes no difference. By checking in first, the controller at least knows your on frequency / they will give you instructions whether to proceed on course or vector you out safely

I thought checking in is used when the controller knows your intentions already

@Brandon_Sandstrom He’s joking…