IFMP France Event @ France - 251500ZNOV17

@kylen15 @Chief305 departing in 10 if you’re coming. :)

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Where did you go? Crash?

Father’s taking me somewhere. Gotta go

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Is it too late to join?

Nope come join I just took off some are on the ground

What’s your speed @Nathan @Andres_LC ?
Go to mach .84

Yeah I noticed I was ahead so I slowed a bit in case you wanted to lead. Sped up now and climbing up to FL380 for realism purposes. :)

I am .84. Should I climb to FL380?

I would go down go FL340 instead. It’s more realistic. :)

Nah your wind must be different then mine

My weather system status is red, but at FL340 headwind 53kts

That’s what I’m stuck at but you passed me idk lol

@Brandon_Sandstrom Are you planning at parking at JFK’s Terminal 1 like Air France does in real life?

Sure I hadn’t figured that out yet but yea

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I updated our arrival and approach @Nathan @Andres_LC if you want to copy. We are coming up on the first arrival fix.

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Im sorry i couldn’t make it, had to somewhere with my mom, ill try to make it to your next one though!

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I’ve updated the flight plan and slowing down to let you lead

You’re fine at the next fix go down to FL240 to hit that at the next fix

Maintain 300 when passing below FL280

At the next fix start decent to12,000 for the next fix and cross at 250 knots