IFMP Announcements (Webpage is now Live)

Chris I forgot to ask, how are you going to have this work? Through videos, one on ones, both, or something else?

Training is hard work, I’ve spent many hours training and testing over 100 pilots, I will sign up. Lets see how well strutted this is. Would be joining as cadet, not a mentor initially

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How do i join/sign up

We will be holding classes (5) wich are done throughout each week with 3-6 pilots in each class. Once a pilot has passed the certain class determined by the mentor, we mark it in your Pilot Profile so then you can take the next class… Eveventually, you will be able to take the Official IFMP Written and Practical Test to be a Certified Pilot.


Just a little Update on IFMP! We are currently sorting out our Mentors and gradually getting closer to being able to start teaching Student Pilots! We have also created a website that will be updated with more information as time goes by. Stay Tuned!

-Brandon Kreuter, IFMP Co-Leader


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