IFMP Announcements (Webpage is now Live)

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Attention Infinite Flight Community

We are here today to tell of the impending release of the Infinite Flight Mentorship Program , to find out more click here. To sum it up, we are here to teach and educate the newer “pilots” to Infinite Flight, and to do that we need teachers and mentors. And that is why we are here today, not to teach (that will come later), but to recruit. We are in need of mentors who are willing to patiently and politely teach the less experienced of the Infinite Flight World.

The Process of Joining

If this sounds like you, please fill out the form below regarding your experience so that we as a team can learn more about you. Then, if we like the sounds of you, you will be invited to fullfill our knowledge and understanding test as we do not want you to teach complete nonscence. After that you will be invited as a mentor to help our Student Pilots. What is next, for more information, read below!

Apply to be a Mentor Here!

Your application will be reviewed and you will receive a response email within 48 hours.


Our rank structure is basic and familiar with three clear cut roles:

  • Mentor - responsible for one to one triaing and general teaching
    Lead Mentor: @Brandon_Sandstrom
  • Supervisor - responsible for ammendments to the traing plan and building of resources
  • Recruiter - testing and screening of mentors, aswell as ensuring the teaching is always consistent
  • Staff - running and appointment of supervisors and recruiters

We have four types of mentors - basic, bronze, silver and gold each one representing a mentor’s commitment and skill. Basic is granting upon passing the test, then bronze is after your first mentee passes. Silver is awarded after five passes and gold after ten.

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The Staff to Supervisor to Mentor ratio will always be roughly 1:3:5

Our Detailed Pilot Guide has all of our information at them moment. We are not yet accepting pilots but will be soon! Check out the Pilot Guide!

Please Note that Information is Subject to Change


Sound interesting to you? Fill out the form and Join Today!

The Mentor application acceptance period has expired. Our staff would like to thank all applicants for taking time out of your schedule to assist in this effort. All applications are under review and you should receive information from our recruiters within 48 hours of the application submittal.


I want to see how this turns out. Hopefully a couple new players from the release of global will take this opportunity to learn.


Looks great as always Chris. Glad to see this open, will be good for the new people of our community.


Really great idea. Just applied.


Looks great guys! I’m very excited to see the impact you will make on the sim.

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I love it, It would be great here😊

Good luck.

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This is an excellent program, Chris. I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing impact this will have on the community.


This is how one professionally contributes to their favorite things that they love. Awesome work @Levet! I am planning to get involved with this program. I do think this program will be a success!

Good luck!

and yes, I’m back

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I’ve applied 😉
Great job developing this group! Hope to be a part of it 👍


When this opens, if my calculations are correct, 27.812% of people in training server one will no longer do -10000fpm approaches @ KNUC in airliners


I swear I read something similar within the past few days. Nonetheless, love the idea.

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Excellent idea! Thanks for stepping up and doing something to make IF better!!


Really great to see this up and running.I may apply for a mentor when I have more time. Great job Chris.

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Hello guys

We have decided ,as a team, to say that this open recruitment of mentors will not be happening often at all and that if you want to join this wonderful organisation as a mentor you best do it soon as we only have two spots remaining. If you have a passion for teaching and improving Infinite Flight, you best be quick and fill out our signup form

Good luck to all!


No, we have your application. Information and contact will follow within the next 48 hours.

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Great to see this come together! I would apply, but I’m in between stages. I’m not experienced enough to apply, but at the same time I have taught myself realistic and good flying techniques. Once again really happy to see this come together as it will be so beneficial to the community and the game!

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You have to remember only a small portion of the player base is on this community. I’d expect it to maybe be 2% less of those at the most. Sad but true

Yep… More people in expert have joined the community or were already in it

How to i join as new pilot

@Aircraft_videos we aren’t teaching yet. We are trying to get mentors to help out.