IFMAF organization

I am wondering if there is anyone that would be able to help me go about making an infinite flight group? I want to make an Infinite Flight MAF organization, but don’t really know how to go about doing that.

Thanks in advance!

If you’re looking to apply for a virtual airline or a virtual organisation, then you should head on over to the IFVARB (Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board) who oversees the formation of such organisations.

More information could be found on their website at, and if you wish to start an organisation and meet all prerequisites, you can apply for the role of being a CEO at your own organisation.

I’m not familiar myself, as I haven’t gone through that process, though I’m sure that the IFVARB members would be more than willing to help you through this process.

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Perfect! Thanks so much!

Question- can it be a fake organization like for example golden gate air or something like that?

I think you can but you can’t fly with liveries other than generic.

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Technically they could but yes, typically generic

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While most fly generic it isn’t a rule. Take Nonstop virtual for example. They fly the lufthansa liveries. Your airline no matter real or fake can fly any livery you want in the sim.

when it comes with VO, there’s no restriction with using liveries. Meanwhile in VA, you are only representing those airlines based on your VA and your codeshares / partnership.

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In VAs there is a livery restriction. If I’m not wrong, nonstop VA is the only VA to use the Lufthansa livery and they can do that because either they are a combination of airlines or Lufthansa (the actual airline) has not allowed the use of their name.

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i am apart of IFVARB and i can tell you there isnt a rule saying you cant use real liveries for a fake VA or VO

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Oh well I guess my bad

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