IFM - Infinite Flight Military

We are working on a website for IFM and a new ranking system has been installed!!

@tranquil_skyflyer are you still affiliated with IFM?

Yes, I am!

I would like to join

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Can I still join


Yeah we still have openings available

Good Afternoon, I would like to apply. I would like to guard the skies and provide my services to any region offered by IF. Not only do I have access to all fighters but know how to flight them. For surveillance and for peaceful purposes we could fly with cirrus, close to the ground, and essential for day to day basic patrols that could alert a crew at a nearby airport.

these are the type of ideas and commitment I will put on the table. thank you.

Air Force 0420

Hello I am a member for staff to start you on your career in IFM I will need you to PM me your email address


I can join ?

Sure, just PM me your email :)

Sure ok I will do that

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Cant send pms for some strange reason is there any other way I can contact you guys??

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goto the website

This is our website

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Do you like it?

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Hello i am a member of staff at IFM and we are currently looking for members to join our team so pm me to discuss

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