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Infinite Flight Military

Hey I’m messaging to find out if you have any interest towards operating fighter jets or Military planes in IFES in particular. I have a special VA with the aim of providing Events in IF with the needed security when they are hosted on the Playground server. You may know what I’m talking about if you’ve flown on the PG Server.

The VA is called IFM. We work hard to protect Events that we are asked to provide security for - as a team. This is a unique VA that I’ve invested much of my time in, and I’d like to invite you to become a part of it. We always have daily trainings and formation flights to keep your skills on point.

The reason we fly Military planes is to add a bit of realism to it.

Alot of people are interested and have joined! Why not give it a try? You won’t regret it. :slightly_smiling_face: Message me back if you’re interested or not. Joining is easy and Free.

IFM is an extension of IFES. Visit our website here. Or Download our App

Your required to have a communication app called slack, and must be active reason:
We make our missions there, you announce your patrols there and you CAN’T be promoted.
We use most NATO military ranks.

The Fleet
Air Force One
757-300 (USAF)
In the future we hope to fly the C-130J and the B-52

The way we do things
We do weekly missions, you can do daily and hourly patrols that get you promoted

E1 | Airman Basic
E2 | Airman First Class
E3 | Staff Sergeant
E4 | Master Sergeant w/ Diamond
E5 | Senior Master Sergeant w/ Diamond
E5 | Chief Master Sergeant w/ Diamond
E6 | Command Chief Master Sergeant
E6S | Cheif Master Sergeant of the Air Force

01 | Second Lieutenant
02 | First Lieutenant
03 | Major
04 | Lieutenant Colonel
05 | Colonel
06 | Brigadier General
07 | Major General
08 | Lieutenant General
09 | General Air Force Chief of Staff
09S | General of the Air Force

06 | Brigadier General’s: @Sam1 || @tranquil_skyflyer
07 | Major General: @Darkestcub
08 | Lieutenant General:
09 | General Air Force Chief of Staff: @Patrick_U
09S | General of the Air Force: @AnnieCorp_Inc
09B | GeneralFieldMarshel[North Devision] @Sam1
09B | GeneralFieldMarshel[South Devision] @AnnieCorp_Inc
09B | GeneralFieldMarshel[Europe] @Darkestcub
09B | GeneralFieldMarshel[Asia] @tranquil_skyflyer
All GeneralFieldMarshel Positions are for war time only

I hope this doesn’t bother you, I’m very sorry about making a duplicate, please don’t close this, this is the Official IFM thread.

To join your required to PM us.

The old one is found here Old IFM page

Cheers, IFM


Sorry but it’s a duplicate.

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I know it’s a duplicate, but this is up to date as I have said, the other one isn’t!
This one has all our current information. This is currently the official one, that one is not official! It is out of date!

You could of reply with this information on the thread or update the post:)


This one is fine.


You can’t edit a post after 2 months ;)

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That’s why I suggested to post it has a reply ;-)

It was outdated anyway, Carson closed the other one and this stays :)


Great idea, I’m joining.

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Pm me! Unless you already applied

Applied for IFES through their site

I wanna join

Hello, and sorry for a late reply

If you still wanna join, just DM me!

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Can I join please


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I’d like to join

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@Sam1, I’m a general, so add that too. :-)

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@Tajay wants to join