IFM - Infinite Flight Military

Hey @Kilt_McHaggis, I heard someone put coded KSDF (Lousiville) into the game. If this is truly can you PM me a picture of it?

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Not the thread for it (PM in future), but many editors are doing non-region airports ATM. They may appear if global flight comes out.

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Edwards Air Force Base - Schematics Updated
Parking Areas:

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Seems pretty cool!

KRIV has now been improved with new gates:

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Are you some kind of airport wizard? :)

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He’s better than me at making airports, that’s for sure :)

OK back on the job after a week away. Just redone KPMD

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I need a fighter scrambled ASAP!
I have a plane following me
Need fighter to intercept it
On Advanced in the Carribbean
At 35,000 feet and Mach .80
In route to Pointe A Pitre

I know this is a little late and nobody responded. We are sorry for that. What is his callsign and Username?

We can find him.

The IFES app will be released for Android within 2 weeks.

IFM databases and support will be included. This includes missions, new members, existing members databases, flight academy support. Notifications of special events ,and joint IFES-IFM events

applications will be able to be sent through the app aswell.

Do you do like a the patrolling in the atmospheric and take down bad persons

We now have an Insta! Find us under @ifmilitary !

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Hello everyone. Is there anybody having trouble with anybody. If so contact me and I will have a squadron sent out ASAP!

Oh no…what does this have to do with IFM?

That is what we do.

New IFM Logo.


Made by @Thunder . He has hidden talent!


IFM is coming back on radar soon

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