IFLWT : Infinite Flight Live World Tour

Hello guys

I have a big idea ! When global comes out

If some users here will make some flights to make a chain flight all over the world to make a world tour !

Example :

Flight nr IFWT1 made by user route KLAX-KDEN
Flight nr IFWT2 made by user route KDEN-KJFK
… example of stop airports :KJFK-EGLL-FRA-VIE etc…
Each flight made by only one user
Only one user for one flight
Any FDS aircraft
Flight nr IFWT25 made by user route PHTO-KLAX

Who want to make this great big event?

IFWT1 : KLAX-KDEN - grxninesix
IFWT2 : KDEN-? - ?
IFWT3 : ?-? ?
To be completed


I’m not really getting the one user for one flight thing…

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I think @grxninesix wants many people doing this.

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User route is “user” ROUTE
“User” fly “route”

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click bait title

I thought devs we’re going on tour

I was about to buy every single pice of merchandise and have Laura and Carson sign it

Or the whole crew 🙂


That would get me tired.Going across the ocean at 550 kt ground speed for 10 hours plus.

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