Iflive: New JavaScript client for the Live API

Introducing iflive

An open-source JavaScript client for the Live API

Hi – I’m please to share with the community the availability of the first version of iflive – a JavaScript client for the Live API available under the Apache 2 open-source license.

The client allows you to send commands to the Live API and receive responses back through events or callback functions to allow for simple use of the API in your JavaScript applications.

Additionally, it provides a polling mechanism – letting you define a list of API requests to fetch on a sequential, repeating basis which can be useful in applications that require regular updates for specific data. It also offers a caching mechanism to allow you to retrieve the last-fetched data for a specific API command without needing to poll the API again.

You can get the client in two ways:

This is just the first version of the client and is labelled as a “release candidate” to indicate it is tested but not yet widely used and is being released to solicit feedback, input, recommendations, etc.

Hopefully people will find this useful and welcome feedback, questions and suggestions for enhancements.


very good, I’m already taking a look at the code to see if I can use it in a live flight project.

I hope you find it useful. Do let me know if there are comments, suggestions or questions about anything. It is a work in progress like all open source projects.

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Version 0.9.3 of iflive has been released which adds two utility functions to convert aircraft and livery IDs into aircraft and livery names using the CSV data provided by Infinite Flight.

You can get get iflive in two ways:

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