IFliPlanes' ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed For Today, Back 8/7/19!] @ N/A

Hello everyone! I’m opening an ATC tracking thread so I can practice my ATC skills so I could get into TSATC with experience. Hope you enjoy my service!

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Thanks @MrMrMan

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  1. You’ve must give a pattern entry to me after I called inbound.
  2. Get your runways in order; you can’t be using 26 and 08 simultaneously. I nearly collided with the fighter that you allowed to land on 26.
  3. If I’m on base, you issue a go around, not a 360.

I want to do a touch and go, so I should be cleared for the option, not cleared to land :)

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Cleared for the option, I mis-clicked :)

I need a pattern entry since you didn’t give me “left / right traffic.” When I just asked inbound for landing, you need to tell me, “enter left/right downwind runway 08.”

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Noted, Thank you.

I need a sequence behind 9V-SPA if you’re gonna have him cut in front of me.

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“Number two, traffic to follow is on _____” and then you can send me a clearance

Okay. Will do now.

Jeffrey and Fariz thanks for taking the time to come to EGGW.

Please tell me how I can improve.

Hey there! I highly recommend you to watch the tutorials on sequencing.After watching it,you will be up to speed. cheers

Tower / Ground

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Going to watch them now.

Closed for today! see you guys tomorrow for another session!
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