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IFL Group - CRJ-200 Special Freighter

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IFL Group is a Cargo Airline based in Michigan (USA). IFL Group purchased 4 CRJ-200s for cargo operations last year, making IFL the first company in the world to use the CRJ airframe exclusively for cargo operations. The company also includes B727’s, Dassault Falcons, and Convairs that are in the fleet.


This is so cool how a Passenger CRJ jet was turned into a Cargo plane! I think this would be cool to have with the CRJ Update! (It would go with the CRJ-200) :)

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Wow! I’ve never seen that before! Looks Great! I hope this gets added :)

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Honestly, I didn’t know there was a freighter version for the crj200… nice


Where do you all find half of this stuff?

Is it like this:

  • Step 1- see new aircraft
  • Step 2- scramble the inter webs looking for liveries and variants
  • Step 3- race to the forum (2nd place is the first loser)
  • Step 4- grab the popcorn while 3 screens are monitoring IFC

I knew about the aircraft being produced and about the aircraft making the purchase. I didnt know that they actually got it until searching for cargo variants of the CRJ.

Atleast this topic was well made and not copied and pasted from Wikipedia :)


This would be good with the Estafeta Carga Aerea CRJ-100LRF


Yeah it would!!! :)


You couldn’t bee any more spot on! You forgot “Waits for likes like a cat stalking a mouse”

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Lets start this topic off Fresh

Don’t respond to those comments above… 🙄

Looks ferry nice I wil make a vote free!

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This is a very interesting concept. Voted.

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Thanks for the support

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You should know if you hit that nice blue button, because it then should say voted ;)

I also voted :)

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Yippee!! Thanks!!!

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