IFJP(Infinite Flight Japan) VA and Alliance

Hi Pilots.I’m IFJP CEO Daikiti.
I founded an alliance for Japanese people.
This alliace name is “IFJP ALLIANCE”
Main activities are done with Twitter.
There are currently 6 airlines.
・Japan Air Transport(JAT)
・CJ Airways International Group(CJAI)
・World Sky Airways(WSA)
・Banana Air(BNN)
・acacia air(ACI)

We will spread the rules for beginners.
Thank you. :)

こんにちわ!IFJP CEO Daikitiです。
新たにIFJP ALLIANCEという航空連合を立ち上げました!
IFJP ALIANCEには6つの航空会社がいます。


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Hello! To own a VA or an alliance, you must be TL2. Just keep reading and posting and you’ll get there. Thanks!


Nice VA! Wish you all the best for it to be successful.

This topic should be in #live:va but I cannot move it since only members (you are a basic user) are allowed to post in there; Keep reading and contributing and you can hit member easily!

Oh…I searched for a category, but I can not find it.
I understood the reason.
Thank you!!I will be careful.

Should I delete this post?

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A mod will close it soon. :)

OK.Thank you!!

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Looking at your stat summary , you should be there soon. Remember to give out some more likes as that will help ;)

Sorry mate I have a few things wrong with your VA, that I need you to contact me about in PM.

Firstly, you cannot have that many airlines in a VA, unless it is an alliance. However, both VA and alliance need to have a certain level of organization to be allowed here. This includes, website, important details, and logo. Secondly, for the community’s sake, you must be prepared to post in English, as well as Japanese. Lastly, you cannot post this VA here (in this category) and I cannot reserve any airline, because you are only a member.

I’d also like to know amount of pilots, and some more information about this set-up.

Head of IFVARB


Please wait until you are a member to create a VA