IFJoystickPi stopped working on 22.8?

Good afternoon! Before the update it was working normally and after the IF updated the IFRASPE PI stopped. It says it’s connecting and it doesn’t connect. Before it was instantaneous.
Anyone using this with this problem?

@epaga Sorry to bother you. Can you tell me if anything has changed?
thanks =)

I found out through IF instruments that it is automatically connecting to that IP above. The right one is the bottom one. does anyone know how to fix this?

I think the issue has to do with how the Pi is discovering your Infinite Flight device. I just checked and there are multiple IP addresses returned in the discovery method and is one of them, but not the correct one. The software is most likely just picking the first IP address in that list that is returned. The first IP in the list happens to be The fix for this would require an update from the 3rd party developer as this is an issue in their code.

(This is just my best guess as to what is happening, I could be wrong)

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I understood. What you’re saying makes a lot of sense.
Thanks so much @Ethan_C !

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Something else is going on.

I went back to 22.7.1 and IFJoystickPi connected instantly.
I updated to 22.8 and the app still connected.
It seems that the app “remembered” the IF instance.

After restarting IFJoystickPi though, it was unable to connect and keeps showing “Connecting to IF @…”.

The app only shows “Connecting to IF @…” when Infinite Flight was found.

When no instance was found, it shows “Scanning for Infinite Flight instance”.

After I went back to 22.7.1 again and restarted IFJoystickPi it again connected instantly.

It seems that a change in the API of IF 22.8 is causing this.


@Jan Thank you so much for sharing tbh. Cameron replied to me and said that John is already in contact with them and that they will take care of it 🙂

Olá @Jan Taking advantage of how you did to go back to the previous version. Just so I don’t miss flying this weekend.

Yeah, I’ve been in contact with them and I know they are on it.

Going back to earlier versions is a beta thing.

You will have to wait for a fix, I’m afraid.

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