IFJoystickPi - connect your joystick devices to IF using a Raspberry Pi! (Free Beta)


Hey everyone! I’m John, the third-party developer of In-Flight Assistant (app to bring IF realism to the next level), In-Flight Operations (flight report generator app), and In-Flight Instruments.

One of the most requested features for IF is to connect a joystick, unfortunately iOS only supports Bluetooth devices but joysticks tend to be USB only.

This is a Raspberry Pi program that will connect to a running IF instance and let you use your joystick (and throttle, and pedals, etc.!) with IF. This means you can purchase a low-cost Raspberry Pi box that will serve as an adapter for IF and your joysticks, RPi boxes are so small, you’ll still be able to keep IF nice and portable and won’t need to run this through a PC or Mac!

Here are the steps in short ( for a more detailed writeup for a “headless” Pi - i.e. without a monitor - see this super helpful post by @PeterT : IFJoystickPi - connect your joystick devices to IF using a Raspberry Pi! (Free Beta) - #62 )

  1. Have a USB joystick and plug it into your Pi.
  2. Install Raspbian on your Pi (make sure to pick a build that includes java).
  3. Run sudo apt-get install joystick in a terminal on your Pi.
  4. Download IFJoystickPi from the link above and unzip it.
  5. Run java -jar IFJoystickPI-1.0-Snapshot.jar in the directory you unzipped to start it.
  6. You should be able to connect to the IFJoystickPi web page to see its status at http://raspberrypi.local:7000 (don’t need to click this, this is a URL that will only work on your local network) - you should also be able to calibrate a hat switch if you have one.
  7. Go into your IF control settings and map axes and joystick buttons to whatever you want - they should (in theory) Just Work!

I’ve had lots of things requiring my attention lately, so most IF things (including IF-A and IF-O) have had to take the back burner for a while, but this is something I had already done back in September and which - at least for Laura and myself - seems to work great (just tested it again today). So I wanted to go ahead and put it out there, now that the new update is out which supports the new API.

So as usual, HUGE thanks to @Laura for the amazing IF API.

If you’d like to help this project, you could

  • post any issues you find in this thread
  • post a more detailed step-by-step guide for Raspberry Pi newbs - which component to buy, a link to how to install Raspbian, etc.

Anyways, hope this works for you all!

@Murilo_Heindrich made this awesome little step-by-step setup video:


Oh my lord I can’t wait now! I’ve been having some issues with delay hopefully there is no delay now with this. PS love your apps!

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Yep for me, there is no latency from what I can tell when using it.


This looks rly cool! I’ll try this when i get to my raspberry pi!

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Perfect! I’ll be getting a Raspberry PI for Christmas. so this will be the first thing I’ll do with it.

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Hi, will this be able to work with a Logitech yoke, throttle, and rudder setup?

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Yep, should work great.


Great, because IFConnect couldn’t handed all the algorithms. Can you tell me if it could provide progressive breaking?

Nope, the brakes are purely a button in IF (see the settings screen). In order to have progressive braking, it would need to be analog. This might be a feature wish for Laura and co though!

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OK, that added it into the game so just wondering

Looks like it might be time for me to get my dusty model 3 out of the drawer…

Haven’t had a use for that in ages 😭


This is fantastic news!
I was going to get some sort of android tablet because LF-C was being a pain, but this has saved me from wasting too much of my paycheck!
Would I need to get a USB hub for this?

Which raspberry pi would be best.

Can anybody send me the Amazon link to the raspberry Pi?

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It just works with any joystick? Have any recommendations? I’d love to try it.

Can someone make a youtube video tutorial! Thanks!

also, what joystick is this?

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could you send the link to buy the Blackberry Pi box, please? i don’t know which one it is. also is there a tutorial on youtube because i’m more of a visual learner.

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Okay, here i am stuck…

Error: Unable to access jarfile IFJoystickPI-1.0-Snapshot.jar

Hey @epaga I’ll like to try your product. Can you give me any joysticks on the low price side?