IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)


if you can implement an fmcs or mcdu. and let it suggest us or v1 vr and other stuff mcdu do like plan fpl. it would be one of its kind. :)


Implementing the different Vs such as V1 Vr and V2 would be difficult it varies greatly with aircraft and weight configs


yes it can fetch such details from app automatically via live connect. :)


I’m not aware of IF being able to calculate V speeds tho


I’m also not sure if there are any such values IF gives. I’ll dig a bit deeper.
A rudimentary backup is ability to set values before flight manually. Can show weight ratios and charts etc.


A quick question. Does IF work on devices with no gyroscope?


I doubt. the pitch and roll controls will not function. not sure though.


With a Lenovo tablet without gyroscope apparently IF works perfectly


Is this ios only? Or is it also available for android.


Still in private beta. First release in less than a week for Android. Soon for iOS as well. Free app btw @KevinMc88


After step climb, next in pipeline is voice commands.


Oh ok. I was confused that people were using it already when you just started this thread a few days ago. Crazy fast work my friend!


Yup, he’s working crazy fast, but great quality. I can assure you that the app is absolutely wonderful 😉


Seems absolutely wonderful, hope this can make IF even better than it already is!


Good news, IFJoy will now work with all devices.

  1. All Accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer present
  2. Accelerometer and magnetometer present
  3. Accelerometer present

Upcoming beta release will include this and a basic version of step climb.
Next 2 actions items are:

  1. Step climb by waypoints
  2. Voice commands

Open to suggestions and feature requests.


A quick peek of current features for reference.


Could you put a little red light to tell us it’s connected because sometimes I don’t realize it’s connected.
When you are in external camera and you press the buttons to move the camera I personally find that the movement is too big. There’d have to be more than four points of view if you know what I mean.


Absolutely makes sense. I will make the connection status prominent. Like a red or a green dot maybe.
Regarding camera view, I will decrease sensitivity so it requires more clicks to do the same motion.

Thanks for the input.

I have updated beta release. You can download the update via play store in another 10 or 15 minutes.
@Black_Panthers with this release, it should ideally work with your lenovo tab. Can you let me know if it does work or not ? Thanks.


This looks great, I can’t wait to get involved!

Have you considered adding an option to anchor (orbit/hold) over certain positions?

Also, does this rely completely on the up/down/left/right buttons or does the devices movement actually control the aircraft?


The up down left right is for camera movement.
The aircraft roll and pitch are controlled from device movement. Throttle and yaw from on screen interface.

Good idea to add option to hold patterns. Noted it down. Thanks for the suggestion.