IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)


I can help with the interface. Maybe add @jakcharvat to our PM @Sushruth.


Adding an interface like this for step climb. I’m not sure if this is the best way to automate step climb. Need help from you folks to design this better.
Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.


You could include the units e.g Altitude (AGL) Time (Mins) Speed (KIAS) Next Climb Rate (FPM). Hope that helps!


Another feature in pipeline is voice warnings and violations info for events apart from IF warnings and violations like

  1. Flaps beyond certain speed
  2. Landing gear extended above certain speed/ landing gear not extended before landing
  3. Stall
  4. Abnormal VS

Let me know if this is something you find useful and feel free to add to the above list.
Will help me decide development priority.


Could you try to make your application look a little more “aviation”? For example give a cockpit aspect. And if you have a list of priorities or things you will add in the future, it would be nice for me to help you. 😉


Yes. Makes sense to make it more aviation like. The thing is I’m not a designer, so need some help on that.

I’ll create a Trello board with the features etc so we can collaborate and keep track.


Being a beta tester for this app, I know you guys are gonna love it!


Good news. Step climb feature almost ready.
You can edit all values and as long as app connected it will instruct IF accordingly.
A quick peek below.

Open to suggestions and ideas to improve the step climb interface. Will go live with next beta release.


This is used to make ascents in steps ? It is an Auto Pilot ?


Yes. You are correct. This is an additional feature built on top of auto pilot.


So with this, would you climb every 20 minutes as opposed to IF-A’s climb by waypoint?


Yes. This will happen every 20minutes in the above example.
Those numbers are fully adjustable.
Btw, what is IF-A?


In-flight assistant. It’s what I use for step climb among other things at the moment.


Ah, I wasn’t aware they had a step climb feature. Haven’t used it to be honest.
Which mode would you prefer, by time, by distance or by waypoints ? @rileymoyer


I think it might be cool to have a choice between time and waypoints for each flight if that’s not too hard to implement.


So I tried your program but I can’t control the plane with another tablet. I can do anything, but I can’t make him turn left and right. And get him up and down.


Have you updated the app?
Anyway, select network joystick from controls sub menu for settings. @Black_Panthers


Can do by waypoints as well. I’ll implement that as well soon. Good idea.


It doesn’t work 🤔 I don’t understand.


Let me troubleshoot via pm