IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)


Any chance Sushruth could post the source code so someone else can take over?


Having a way of IF on your device, and allowing you to go of the app do to other stuff, while your flight is still going on, also more sounds maybe, more realistic.


I’m totally in the dark, so your guess is as good as mine.


Oh. You were the person helping him with development AFAIK, so I thought you’d have some more info. Thanks


I have his email from when he and I were working on the logo. I’ll email him and let you all what comes of it.


That’s correct.
It’s a strange situation.
The communication channels are there, but you can’t force someone to use them.


I want play this simulator, and i own a tab s4 iam not a pro but i think playing on a tab and control my aircraft with a small device makes a huge improvement, sad this does not happen in near future again. As i read there is a beta version out ? Is it usable working ? I dont mind full controlls just the gyro have to work it would be nice if u can share it.


So the app really is dead then? Came here to see if I can purchase it yet.


I’ll email Sushruth and see where it goes.


Sad to see this project go :(


We’ve gotten pretty far.

There is a working beta version.

Although Sushruth repeatedly told me he considers me his partner and that I also have ownership of the project, I will not share the beta version at this point.


Mabye he can release it as is?



Like almost any beta version, it’s still far from finished, flawed and in need of much more work.


Having this option for me is better as nothing still if it bugs.


I get that.
Releasing an unfinished app is never a good idea though.

If someone is going to make the app available it will be Sushruth and not me. He is the actual coder.

Since I have no idea what’s going on, I can only speculate and that is also never a good idea.


I understand that the hate storm will be huge inform us if u got any responds if this project dies or maby what happen.


I will leave that up to Sushruth.


Here’s the email I sent him.


Lets hope the project wil get finished I really hope it!


Sushruth got back to me. I’ll let him explain…