IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)


Maybe something cool to add in IFjoy! A PFD so we can fully fly without using your primary device.




Wouldn’t that be way too small?

I fly like this. 😉


I don’t think they have that on Android, unfortunately.


Cud help u in but wit need some training


What’s the app at the lowest device?


That’s IFJoy! 😉


This is Sushruth’s project. I’m just helping in any way I can. So when he isn’t able to work on it, than nothing happens.

I’ll leave further posts up to him.


Hello guys,
I have resumed work on the app. I’m resolving few issues with compatibility with latest Android version. Once that is done, I will be getting back to bug fixes.

Thanks for patience.


Hi. Is there any estimated time when the app will be realessed?


How is the work going any new news?


some new info ?


Is this app on the apple store now?


I highly doubt it that it’s on the app store as it’s not even released on Android yet. It’s still in beta.
I’m waiting for it also because I can’t butter on my iPad ;(
It’s to huge 😂😂


No it’s not. @Jan and @Sushruth are still in the Alpha testing stage.


Do you know when the app will be released approximately for Android?
Also can I enter this Alpha phase or is there any beta phase running to join?


The Alpha Testing is only done by Jan and Sushruth, but there is a group of beta testers. You can apply to be one here.


Alright, here’s the deal.

@Sushruth is working extremely hard on this app, and I can tell you as a beta tester that itis going really well. App development is not a fast thing. It’s been said many, many times on this forum, but I’ll say it again. Patience is Virtue. So please be patient and stop criticizing the devs, they are working very hard on this and have faced many major setbacks including Sushruth getting quite sick. So, please be paitent and the app will be released…

Rant over. Please no more hate



It’s like I said earlier:

I wish I had more information, but I haven’t heard anything since then and at that point it had been “quiet” for weeks already.


last post is close 2 weeks ago, how is the process ?


There hasn’t been any contact.
No response at all, so no news.

Promises were made, but have repeatedly not been kept.
I think it’s best to assume that this project has died.

Such a shame. It had real potential.
A lot of time and energy has been invested in it.
It’s unfortunate to see it end like this.