IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)


using phone hotspot makes only sense for me if i can use wifi on the phone, IF eats data…

i dont want be rude, but isnt it possible to use bluetooth ?


I’m afraid that it won’t work on bluetooth, when you’re connected to network A and your second device also, you can IF with IFJoy


why not work ? the app turns ur phone into a gamepad (kinda) and gamepad works with bluetooth … idk maby the devices have to change a lot of datas wich bluetooth cant handle :thinks:


It’s a network controlled remote controller… you get that?😂

I’ll make an example


nah i dont get it… tbh…


Thanks u guys for making so much time free for this! Thanks for the awesome work!


Our Infinite Flight Connect API works by listening for commands on the local network (it uses a different standard to Bluetooth).


Take a look,
Device A has IF, device B has IFJoy. Both are connected on your router, device A communicate with device B via your router. (So device A and device B can search each other via that router)

i.e. your mom tells you that your dad has to go to the supermarket, you’re the mediator/middle man.


ahh ty for explanation. @Mika ye, i understand ty


I have some experience developing, and could definitely do my best to help. PM me for contact info.


I think @Sushruth and @Jan have got it pretty well covered, but it’s probably best that you PM them.


Any idea for an IOS release?


Here you go @Daniel14 !


Health issues are hampering development, unfortunately.
Apparently some nasty bugs have been going around.

Development will continue as soon as possible.


Hey there, if this has already been answered i apologize. How does the app work if you use it with hotspot connected from the phone you are using this app, so let’s say you run hotspot from your phone to an ipad and use ifjoy on the phone, will it work?


That does absolutely work!

That’s how I’ve been testing the app while on vacation.


How is the work going? Are u guys close to IOS release :)


Hopefully work can be resumed soon.
As soon as there is news, it will be posted here.


Hi Jan. Do you think IF-Joy will be out soon. Thanks


This question was asked and answered in the last 2 posts ;) updates come when there is something to tell :)